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All uploads from J.Ruegg

3 Snares
for Thorn [Show all for]
by J.Ruegg [Show all by] on 17 December 2017
Downloaded: 342 times
3 Snares
J.Ruegg Bank for Swierk
for drzewo Swierk [Show all for]
by J.Ruegg [Show all by] on 1 July 2014
Downloaded: 162 times
53 Sounds designed during the KVR One Synth Challenge 64.
J.Ruegg - Bank
for Spectral [Show all for]
by J.Ruegg [Show all by] on 10 January 2014
Downloaded: 319 times
Sounds that I have made with the public beta, some of them I have used in my entry for the KVR OSC 58.
J.Ruegg Bank
for Tunefish 3 [Show all for]
by J.Ruegg [Show all by] on 22 November 2013
Downloaded: 389 times
The sounds that I have make for the KVR OSC:57 TuneFish

These sounds are for tunefish 3(won't work with tunefish 2 I think).
some patches for mono/fury
for Mono/Fury [Show all for]
by J.Ruegg [Show all by] on 7 October 2013
Downloaded: 748 times
Some patches for the KVR OSC, but I haven't had enough time to finish my entry so, maybe some of these sounds would be useful for someone...

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