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All uploads from Ridan

Starmap Vol. 2 demo
for DUNE 3 [Show all for]
by Ridan [Show all by] on 20 February 2017
Downloaded: 2147 times
Would like to share with you a demo version of Starmap Vol. 2. While the main focus of the sound bank revolves around Ambient keys it does also contain atmopsheres, guitars, pads, and more.
Link to the full version - https://gum.co/jpIrO
for Codex Wavetable Synth [Show all for]
by Ridan [Show all by] on 8 January 2016
Downloaded: 201 times
30 patches of assorted excursions with Waves Codex.

Atmospheres (2)
Bass (2)
Guitar (1)
Lead (2)
Melodic Perc (1)
Moving Pad (1)
Pads (5)
Perc (1)
Sequences (7)
Synth/Wild Card (5)
Vox (3)
Land of Chimera
for Hive 2 [Show all for]
by Ridan [Show all by] on 19 October 2015
Downloaded: 331 times
8 patches from the 'Land of Chimera' sound bank. The full set contains 80 patches and can be found at - http://soundsforsynth.com/product/land-of-chimera-hive/
Disembodied Vol. 1
for Diversion [Show all for]
by Ridan [Show all by] on 18 October 2015
Downloaded: 196 times
16 Dark Ambient and Industrial-esque patches for Dmitry Sches Diversion. The full sound bank comes with 40 patches and is freely available at - http://www.dmitrysches.com/patches
Charlatan Wasteland
for Charlatan [Show all for]
by Ridan [Show all by] on 20 June 2015
Downloaded: 1402 times
Just an experiment with the darker side of Charlatan with some classic sci-fi/horror influences thrown in as well.

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