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All uploads from Synthematic

StarkKraftBass JD
for DS-404 [Show all for]
by Synthematic [Show all by] on 15 April 2016
Downloaded: 160 times
A Muon DS-404 Sample Preset from a Audjoo Helix Beta: 2008.04.13 preset I made in 2015 for Synthematic Soundware but never shared.
Synthematic KVR-Bank Vol.1
for Charlatan [Show all for]
by Synthematic [Show all by] on 7 March 2016
Downloaded: 1413 times
Here's a few presets for an up-and-coming free sound set, retro brass and bass patches here. All sounds created for the free sound set, the commercial soundset will be available at bandcamp since they allow fxp/fxb uploads as a bonus item. Synthematic Soundware will sell sound sets and maize plugins else where.

Here's six sounds for now, 64 is the target goal.
128 for full sound set. 64 for freeware sound set.

List of Patches:
HeavierRez JD
NoHitmanBS JD
RetroBrass JD
SY22Bass JD
TRBrass JD
TurboBass JD

All sounds generated between 29th Feb. to Mar. 7th 2016.
All sounds programmed by Joel Dreaver for Synthematic Soundware.
Synthematic 80'sFMBASS [Mac VST]
for Maize Sampler [Show all for]
by Synthematic [Show all by] on 8 February 2016
Downloaded: 64 times
Here's the Mac VST version of this Maize Sampler Plugin.
A Work-In-Progress Bank Uploaded Here for Now. It's four presets and today is 07th February 2016, so the next time I updated this it will have the additional files until 64 presets is where I stop. It's two ARP sounds and two Basses which are in itself a W.i.P. sound set presets.
Synthematic - Techno Illusion is a Soundset for Ichiro Toda Synth1 Plugin for Mac and Windows, there are 21 sounds, all edited from the previous upload last year [at Audiobombs.com]
Pethu.se Hahaha CS01II Presets
for Hahaha CS01 [Show all for]
by Synthematic [Show all by] on 6 February 2016
Downloaded: 106 times
A Few Presets for Pethu.se Hahaha CS01II plugin at
http://www.pethu.se/music/index.html where you'll
find a few freeware plugins for VST x86 Windows.
Here's a small batch for an upcoming soundset for
Pethu.se Hahaha CS01II which will be
pay-what-you-like at bandcamp and the wordpress

Here's the list so far:
ResoBass JD

There is for now only one preset but there will
be more in the coming weeks but for now enjoy
this very house bass. You can download the
plugin here:


You can also download these presets and hear a sound demo
of each preset over at audiobombs.com @:

Synthematic 80'sFMBASS (Win x86)
for Maize Sampler [Show all for]
by Synthematic [Show all by] on 6 February 2016
Downloaded: 86 times
Here's my first plugin for my soundware company Synthematic Soundware, which will be set up this year, presets for hardware and softsynths, sampler programs for hardware and software samplers, drum samples in wav, aiff and other formats like SND, selling Floppies and imgs of floppies, Samplers CDs and Sample CDs in physical and iso/img/nrg formats, plugins made in synthedit and flowstone made from scratch, plugins made in maize, synthedit and flowstone based off of samples, here's the first sample based plugin, it's around 17 MB so I'll upload the other formats in Mac VST/AU and Win (x64) in the coming days or weeks. There will be more, you can get this plugin with all formats at audiobombs, here: http://audiobombs.com/items/1225/80 percent 27sfmbass- percent 28vst-au percent 29- percent 5Bwin percent 26mac percent 5D

Here is the plugin but I'm working on Version v1.1 with more modified samples based on the same preset but modifed with effects in my songs, I sampled the one preset made in my song Star-Crossed but I have yet to upload that anywhere yet, so here's v1.0 with only one preset.

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