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All uploads from Scrubbing Monkeys

Scrubbing Monkeys
for Fathom Synth [Show all for]
by Scrubbing Monkeys [Show all by] on 24 June 2020
Downloaded: 88 times
A patch that demonstrates the new up coming Metamorphic Oscillator. It will only work with Fathom 3.03 or later
Scrubbing Monkeys
for Fathom Synth [Show all for]
by Scrubbing Monkeys [Show all by] on 29 July 2018
Downloaded: 303 times
Eastern lolly. A rhythmic preset for Fathom
These are wavetables I created using the somewhat infamous Ensoniq SQ80 waves that are up on http://www.buchty.net/ensoniq/index.html . They are a little different in that I used Fathom's -fill- function to create 16 discrete waves instead of the original 4 or 5. They can be used to scan though, as individual waves or set up like the SQ80 by mapping them across the keyboard. The lower register starts at index one and moves upward to index 16. Use the keyboard tracking modulator on the wave index dial to set that up. I hope you enjoy.
Scrubbing monkeys
for Fathom Synth [Show all for]
by Scrubbing Monkeys [Show all by] on 25 August 2017
Downloaded: 309 times
This preset was primarily to test the keyboard
tracking of Fathom. It has 5 voices sent to 5 different zones. Kick, snare, HH are sent to typical GM notes bass in the middle and synth on the right, There was little effort devoted to sound design, so not at all a representation of Fathom sound wise.
Scrubbing Monkeys
for Fathom Synth [Show all for]
by Scrubbing Monkeys [Show all by] on 19 June 2017
Downloaded: 301 times
This is a patch made with one wavetable osc a notch filter and delay. It shows some of the power of fathoms envelopes.
These are the sounds that were used for my entry in the KVR one synth challenge #98 where we could use any synth. I chose the Waldorf PPG 2.2v. Enjoy
128 original patches most of which are instrument or player patches. There is a file in the list called RC ppg genesis which is the FXB bank file containing all 128 patches.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

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