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All uploads from MaliceX

dj.tuBIG\'s Hypersonic Patches Bank v1.01
for Hypersonic [Show all for]
by MaliceX [Show all by] on 24 August 2007
Downloaded: 3411 times

Because no one is sharing custom Hypersonic patches, I decided to make some and spread the love for this baby. It really is a powerful ROMpler synth capable of almost infinite sonic textures. For now, here's some reconstructed GM-mapped drums, two newer Rudess Leads, and some other stuff.
Authentic Instrument Rips for VOPM
for VOPM [Show all for]
by MaliceX [Show all by] on 19 August 2007
Downloaded: 1278 times
Instrument programmings were ripped from various MDX tunes found in Japanese sources. Sorry but they're unnamed, if not hard to look through, but authentic FM stuff you will find there.
Four Coverta Meet
for Oatmeal [Show all for]
by MaliceX [Show all by] on 1 August 2007
Downloaded: 2342 times
New patch with 64 brand new presets created FROM SCRATCH. All patches have XY Pad controls to change its character. Composed of Leads, some emulations, FX, pads, and a helluva lot of evil BASS.
Package for Hypersonic 2. This adds about 12 custom-made patches; one in particular is a replica of the Kurzweil K2xxx Lead used by Jordan Rudess. Most are random toying arounds but are usable.

Place in hypersonic contetcontent\\patches folder. Renumber where necessary.
dj.tuBIG/MaliceX - 3 plus 1 bank.
for Oatmeal [Show all for]
by MaliceX [Show all by] on 4 July 2007
Downloaded: 2788 times
3 banks for Oatmeal mostly, if not all configured to use mod-wheel. From retro 70/80's sounds to some simulations to weird pads.

The fourth bank includes variations of some of the best presets made, usually sounding better than the original.

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