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0 FUtuRe GiG LK
for Synth1 [Show all for]
by lucknow13 [Show all by] on 26 June 2022
Downloaded: 36 times
Leads,Pads,Voices and Stuff. Should get you off. G'Day
Demo version contains only a few patches/presets.
The full version (see below) contains 350 presets and required wavetables.

Soundbank demo available on YouTube

Additional Information

- Each preset is individually designed from scratch
- All presets make extensive use of the modulation matrix
- All presets have modulation wheel assignments for expressive results
- 350 presets included (new wavetables also included [not in the demo version])
Cool WAV - Retro-1 [RC-20 Presets]
for RC-20 Retro Color [Show all for]
by Coolwav [Show all by] on 20 April 2022
Downloaded: 22 times
Retro-1 contains 10 Free Presets for RC-20 all created from scratch. These can be used on individual instruments or on the Master for your melody loops.

- Ancient UFO, - AutoPilot, Juskickedin, - Mono Satur8d (use on Piano for that Vintage Mono feel), NoVerb (bring your own Reverb), - Old Cassette, - Player, - Seasoning, - Sick 808 (use on 808's and Bass), - Wide Vibe (Stereo width to the max), - I encourage you to adjust these how you like: Try reducing the Magnitude to 1/2 or 3/4, remove the "noise" for a cleaner result, etc.
Velltone - A.I.R (Demo)
for Sylenth1 [Show all for]
by VELLTONE MUSIC [Show all by] on 19 April 2022
Downloaded: 28 times
A.I.R - Revision of my best presets,using 'nonlinear dynamics' technology for more analog behavior and dynamics.
25 Presets for Arturia Analog Lab + Analog Lab Intro
||| 808 - 1 ||| Arp - 1 ||| Bass - 2 ||| Bells - 2 ||| Choir - 1 ||| Guitar - 1 ||| Keys - 6 ||| Leads - 3 |||
Organ - 1 ||| Pads - 2 ||| Piano - 2 |||
Saxophone - 1 ||| Sequence - 1 ||| Strings - 1
Velltone Dynamics for Viper
for Viper [Show all for]
by VELLTONE MUSIC [Show all by] on 2 April 2022
Downloaded: 39 times
Velltone dynamic modifications of Aiyn Zahev and Adam Szabo presets.
Cheers :)
for Syncla-X [Large Version] [Show all for]
by IV! [Show all by] on 24 March 2022
Downloaded: 14 times
I made these presets for my track in One Synth Challenge 131: Syncla-X.
A polyphonic MSEG inside Bitwig with the help of Gatekeeper and Note Grid.
VST64 version
for Add'It [Show all for]
by wikter [Show all by] on 20 March 2022
Downloaded: 17 times
VST64 plugin folder + files. As long as Synthedit doesn't containerize the files, you must copy the folder to get the plugin working.
Last version plug-in.
for Add'It [Show all for]
by wikter [Show all by] on 17 March 2022
Downloaded: 16 times
DLL plugin for windows.
Only 32bit version an the moment.
Synthedit creation.
Extract it to your VST32 folder.
for G8 [Show all for]
by paradoxREOP [Show all by] on 16 March 2022
Downloaded: 22 timesF-REX
for LM-9 [Show all for]
by Ramlee [Show all by] on 10 March 2022
Downloaded: 20 times
Finding well-recorded and sonically interesting samples (preferably for free) is challenging; pretty soon, you've exhausted most of what's easily available on Nettie. I recently discovered a promising cache (152 tones in one zip file) on loopsdelacreme.com and after listening, I ended up dumping about 2/3 of them. From the 50 odd remaining shots (most of which were not standard 'drum kit' fare), I was able to assemble a conventional 18-shot kit I have aptly named 'Creme'. The shots, while not outstanding, are consistent and at least satisfy the 'well-recorded' criteria - three cheers for loopsdelacreme for making this cache available for free. Check out my 80s synth pop audio demo and then pop over to loopsdelacreme and see what else they have cookin'.
Work in Progress.
With a small work done trying to emulate some Viper presets.
I'll be updating this soon.
To use the presets, expand zip file, open plug-in, click Import & select the bank.
26 ambient presets by The Sound Of Merlin. Please note that in the demo track each instance of the FB7999 had been drown into lots of delay and reverb. Mostly the free SuperMassive VST by Vahalla. Have fun using these presets.

A link to my music: https://soundcloud.com/thesoundofmerlin
for LM-9 [Show all for]
by Ramlee [Show all by] on 23 February 2022
Downloaded: 16 times
Ephnik is a collection of world (and other stranger) sounds that are, for the most part, heavily processed. The idea here was to create a palette that could be run in conjunction with a conventional drumkit, either in a breakdown section or as a percussive bed layered over the drums.
Velltone - Synth1 banks
for Synth1 [Show all for]
by VELLTONE MUSIC [Show all by] on 22 February 2022
Downloaded: 456 times
4 soundbanks for synth1 - copy to zip folder and load as external banks,do not unzip,just copy.
for LM-9 [Show all for]
by Ramlee [Show all by] on 20 February 2022
Downloaded: 19 times
Pure is an attempt to create a user-ready acoustic drumkit (kick, 2 snares, 4 toms, rimshot, hihats, 3 crashes, 1 splash and a china) using samples as clean and unprocessed as possible. The kit is divided into two patches; A is all the drums, B is all the cymbals. In this way punchy compression can be added to the drums and perhaps a slow phase can be added to the cymbals. I believe this provides a slightly more usable kit. I have also included a midi file of the demo I programmed. I hope you like it. Ramlee
for TheSplit [Show all for]
by lfdm [Show all by] on 17 February 2022
Downloaded: 21 times
for LM-9 [Show all for]
by Ramlee [Show all by] on 16 February 2022
Downloaded: 21 times
(Apologies to anyone who has downloaded 'Heavy'. I have remapped the two preset patches and now every shot is assigned to its own note number. This new mapping should work with your midi keyboard. Cheers.

A 2-part kit that can be loaded into your DAW as separate instances of LM-9. If you're familiar with the HR-16 and HR-16B, you'll immediately recognize the toms. There is a second snare in the B set. The 'Bruford' snare in set A is not exactly heavy but it has such a nice ring to it, I couldn't resist.
SynC Modular Yahoogroups Collection Synths
Extract ensemble files to your Ensembles Folder.
Basic INIT Preset
for Tattoo [Show all for]
by wikter [Show all by] on 13 February 2022
Downloaded: 14 timesDrums TR-909
An alternative Init Preset with simple Internal clock patterns.
Multioutputs enabled.
OUT1 - Kick
OUT2 - Snares+clap+rim
OUT3 - Hats
OUT4 - Cymbals+Cowbell+Toms
for Drum8 [Show all for]
by LLDDSS [Show all by] on 7 February 2022
Downloaded: 41 times
Here you have the 11 new custom presets I carefully designed for the track 'Sinmad The Shamest'.
There are 2 leads, 2 pluck sounds, 2 kick drums, 1 snare, 1 wood stick, 1 hi-hat, 1 for cymbals and 1 for the bassline.
You can listen to the full track
(made for the One Synth Challenge 155 here at KVR) at

Note that in the mix of the song each instrument is boosted by its own DAW channel effect: equalizer, compressor, extra delay or reverb.

Please read the included How_to_instal_the_preset_files_in_Sinmad.pdf
and enjoy these free presets for the Sinmad 1.0.2 synth plug-in.
Reaper Presets
for OrilRiver [Show all for]
by sixstringv [Show all by] on 3 February 2022
Downloaded: 167 times
This is a preset library for Reaper only (.RPL). Since OrilRiver doesn't save the preset name along with the settings, this will give you back that option through the user presets in Reaper. It's nothing more than the stock presets for OrilRiver, but if you call the preset using these, when you reload your project you can at least see which of the stock presets you were using. Hope it helps someone.
for LM-9 [Show all for]
by Ramlee [Show all by] on 29 January 2022
Downloaded: 17 times
An odd assortment of one-shot perc tones
Magic Russ in the Muz3um
for Rapture [Show all for]
by Magic Russ [Show all by] on 28 January 2022
Downloaded: 40 times
Roughly 100 presets using the samples from the Muz3um soundset which can be found here: https://web.archive.org/web/20171011201724/http://patcharena.com/downloads/index.php?subcat=83&ENGINEsessID=c870f94b8eb7558f15df27f760e71ae6 Please make sure to install the Muz3um soundset before using these patches.
FM 8
for Generic Product For Uploads To KVR [Show all for]
by tatcat [Show all by] on 28 January 2022
Downloaded: 48 timesKSD
native instruments fm8 - 15 bank - 4000 ksd

for LM-9 [Show all for]
by Ramlee [Show all by] on 27 January 2022
Downloaded: 17 times
My first attempt at an LM-9 preset. I spent about a week backtracking through blogs and threads covered in cobwebs to finally discover and master the lost art of LM-9 preset patch creation. This is just the beginning!! In this archive you will find a detailed explanation of how to create a new preset patch for the LM-9. If you require any advice or software, let me know.
Genres: Synthwave, Ambient, Horror, Dark Techno, Midtempo
Velltone - Odinia
for Odin 2 [Show all for]
by VELLTONE MUSIC [Show all by] on 6 January 2022
Downloaded: 237 times
T-De-Esser Plus/Pro Presets Open the plug-in, and select Presets from the top-right menu. Then select "Open Preset Folder" and place the files there.
some mixed presets
for GR-8 [Show all for]
by capracan [Show all by] on 2 January 2022
Downloaded: 186 timesPresets for GR-8
its a 7-zip file
Contains the Arksun+Bigtone, Ian Boddy, In-Visible Soundbanks for Spectral
for Generic Product For Uploads To KVR [Show all for]
by Artie Fichelle [Show all by] on 28 December 2021
Downloaded: 19 times
A few patches of the Reason Studio FM Synth ALGORITM
This is just a showcase, what Algoritm is able.
Velltone Tone2 Icarus +Warlock bass
for Icarus2 [Show all for]
by VELLTONE MUSIC [Show all by] on 27 December 2021
Downloaded: 31 times
Distorted bass with analog filters and interesting resonance. Free as bird. Cheers :)
Velltone Tone2 Icarus +Warlock bass
for Warlock [Show all for]
by VELLTONE MUSIC [Show all by] on 27 December 2021
Downloaded: 18 times
Distorted bass with analog filters and interesting resonance. Free as bird. Cheers :)
Demo Soundfiles 4 the SUGARBYTES DRUMCOMPUTER from CDRowell.de

3 4 private use only
Please Vote and get more Patches 4 3!

REMEMBER: making music is to be quiet too
A 808 Charmed DRUMPATCH with 808-like SOUNDS and a GROOVIE SEQUENCE
Demo Soundfiles 4 the SUGARBYTES DRUMCOMPUTER by CDRowell.de from 2021
3 4 private use only
Vote and communicate to get more Patches 4 3!
REMEMBER: making music is to be quiet too
Demo Soundfiles 4 the SUGARBYTES DRUMCOMPUTER from CDRowell.de
3 4 private use only
Vote and communicate to get more Patches 4 3!
REMEMBER: making music is to be quiet too
6 Mixed Presets
for Reducktion [Show all for]
by capracan [Show all by] on 20 December 2021
Downloaded: 82 timesDeducktion nwsm presets Reducktion
- unzip
- put in the Presets Folder like:



PS: Format is .PRS
Molec 1
for CZ V [Show all for]
by Simoon [Show all by] on 19 December 2021
Downloaded: 39 times
Hopefully this is ok. It's a bunch of sounds for the Arturia CZ V, so it's a .czvx file compressed with 7z. Feedback appreciated and if you use any, i'd love to hear what you do with them, so send me a link. They're not finished and most are fairly experimental, rather than bread and butter sounds but I see that nobody has uploaded any sounds yet for this amazing synth. Enjoy, or not as the case may be!
Presets for Roland Cloud JD-800
for Roland Cloud [Show all for]
by Examigan [Show all by] on 13 December 2021
Downloaded: 68 timesRoland
41 free presets I created for the Roland Cloud JD-800.
30 Presets for the FB7999
for FB-7999 [Show all for]
by kraftraum [Show all by] on 11 December 2021
Downloaded: 168 timesFB7999 Fullbucket Kraftraum
Kraftraum - Presets für den FB7999
Ich habe hier 30 Presets für den FB7999 zusammengestellt.
Alle Presets wurden von mir von Grund auf für den FB7999 erstellt.

Weitere Presets von mir findet ihr auf der Seite von Fullbucket (https://www.fullbucket.de/music/fb7999.html)
Meinen Track, der ausschließlich mit dem FB7999 und meinen Presets erstellt wurde, findet ihr unter

Wenn Du diese Prests in Deinen tracks nutzen solltest habe ich eine Bitte:
informiere mich doch darüber mit einem link auf Dein Musikstück, vielen Dank :)

Viel Spass beim verwenden und Musik erstellen :)


I have put together 30 presets for the FB7999 here.
All presets were created from scratch for the FB7999.

You can find more of my presets on the Fullbucket website (https://www.fullbucket.de/music/fb7999.html)
You can find my track, which was created exclusively with the FB7999 and my presets, under

If you should use these prests in your tracks, I have a request:
inform me about it with a link to your piece of music, thank you very much :)

Have fun using and creating music :)


Kraftraum in 12.2021


7 Bass Sounds
4 Drums+Percussions Sounds
4 FX Sounds
3 Key-Sounds
7 Lead Sounds
4 Pad Sounds
1 LFO-Sequence-Sounds

total: 30 Presets
This is an entirely free sampler pack of 20 patches from my latest 200 patch bank which can be found at. https://www.produktrecords.com These 20 presets are totally free for personal, commercial, and any other use but not for resale. Includes patches of very commercial and professional quality for uptempo sounds which work well with a beat, which can be used in 80s or 90s style records or any other style. Includes several basses, leads, keys, pads, plucks, strings, fx, chords, don't forget to touch the mod wheel also :) You can check out the audio demo on the website as well.
Richard Semper
for WhispAir [Show all for]
by RichardSemper [Show all by] on 31 October 2021
Downloaded: 179 times
62 patches created for One-Synth-Challenge October 2021
komosa presets for Odin2
for Odin 2 [Show all for]
by Jbravo [Show all by] on 21 October 2021
Downloaded: 416 times
47 High Quality presets for Odin2, some recreations of Jarre, boards of Canada etc
for Lokomotiv [Show all for]
by Zipede [Show all by] on 21 October 2021
Downloaded: 178 times
A full bank of 64 presets. I wouldn't call these bread and butter, some are a bit wacky, I was just trying to see what weird noises I could get out of this cool synth. Have fun!
Velltone - EVOLUTION for Synthmaster One
Upcoming soundset:
Cool WAV - Patch Invader Volume 1
for Invader 2 [Show all for]
by Coolwav [Show all by] on 19 October 2021
Downloaded: 69 timesCool Wav
25 Presets for the Virtual Analog Poly Synth VST E-Phonic Invader 2 | Arp - 3 | | Bass - 4 | | Bells - 2 | | FX - 2 | | Keys - 3 | | Leads - 5 | | Pads - 6 | | TOTAL: 25 | | 100 percent Royalty Free | | You can enter $0 and Download for Free |
Cool WAV - Vitality Presets Volume 1
for Vital [Show all for]
by Coolwav [Show all by] on 14 October 2021
Downloaded: 281 timesCool Wav
This Soundbank contains 25 Presets + 2 Skins for the Free VST Vital. The Download has a txt file with a link to Download the Soundbank for free by entering $0. The Soundbank was too large (40mb) to upload directly to the KVR server here. | 808 - 2 | | Arp - 2 | | Bass - 2 | | FX - 2 | | Keys - 7 | | Lead - 3 | | Pads - 3 | | Pluck - 2 | | Synth Brass - 2 | TOTAL: 25 | | 100 percent Royalty Free | | How to Install video included | | All Presets were made using the free Core Wavetable Collection by Echo Soundworks. |
64 sounds for Whispair
for WhispAir [Show all for]
by J.Ruegg [Show all by] on 12 October 2021
Downloaded: 217 timesFullbucket JRuegg OSC152 WhispAir
64 sounds for Whispair, made during the One Synth Challenge 152. All sounds use the build-in wavetables only.
CDRowell.de BANK II is a small SQ80v Patchbank 4 3!
Use private only...

4 suggetions write @cdrowell.de

REMEMBER: music is to be quiet too
This NKS library contains all 30 factory presets for the Martinic AX73 instrument with detailed attribute tagging and library artwork/database files. A controller map has been created to allow access to all visible controls at Keys view of the plugin. No audio preview provided. Important Note: Switching between presets is working only if default preset chosen within the plugin itself. For installation guide see Readme.txt inside ZIP.
Korg MEX-8000 banks
for FB-7999 [Show all for]
by Watchful [Show all by] on 29 September 2021
Downloaded: 309 times
Original sounds from the Korg MEX-8000 converted for use with FB-7999. Note that Bank D is the same as the original Korg DW-8000 cassette tape side B, already included with FB-7999 as Preload-Side-B.syx.
for AC-R128 [Show all for]
by woschu [Show all by] on 28 September 2021
Downloaded: 24 times
Cool WAV - Super GR-8 Presets Volume 1
for GR-8 [Show all for]
by Coolwav [Show all by] on 27 September 2021
Downloaded: 340 timesCool Wav
25 Presets for the Free GR-8 Virtual Analog Poly Synth VST by Phuturetone. | 808 - 1 | | Arp - 3 | | Bass - 5 | | FX - 2 | | Keys - 3 | | Leads - 4 | | Pads - 4 | | Strings - 2 | | Synth -  1 | | Total: 25 | | 100 percent Royalty Free | How to Install video included
VELLTONE - Cyberpunk
for Vital [Show all for]
by VELLTONE MUSIC [Show all by] on 24 September 2021
Downloaded: 312 times
VELLTONE - Cyberpunk bass layers
for Emergence [Show all for]
by muki [Show all by] on 22 September 2021
Downloaded: 354 timesGranular
just a few presets in Logic's .aupreset format enjoy
Demo Soundfiles 4 the SQ80 V from CDRowell.de 3 4 private use only Vote and commune to get more Patches 4 3! REMEMBER: music is to be quiet too
VELLTONE Icarus+Deducktion
for Icarus2 [Show all for]
by VELLTONE MUSIC [Show all by] on 10 September 2021
Downloaded: 46 times
VELLTONE Icarus+Deducktion
Switch-Mode Synth schematic for Synthmaker CM
for SynthMaker [Show all for]
by Zoned [Show all by] on 6 September 2021
Downloaded: 25 times
As seen in the KVR Developer Challenge 2021. The .osm schematic demonstrates a highly intuitive pulse-width modulation method. Other useful modules include a bug-fixed name dialogue for exported
.exe's, a bug-fixed Vst Editor status detector, trigger-blockers for string and area data, and a super-smooth scroller for embedded help pages. Enjoy!
3 presets for Memorymode
for Memorymode [Show all for]
by Examigan [Show all by] on 5 September 2021
Downloaded: 39 times
I made these presets for Memorymode and created a short demo for it with them. On Soundcloud search for Examigan - Memorymode Demo
3 ShimmerReverb Patches
for Warmverb Multi-FX [Show all for]
by urvieh [Show all by] on 3 August 2021
Downloaded: 42 times
Octave pitchshifted reverb with feedback
for Synth1 [Show all for]
by lucknow13 [Show all by] on 25 July 2021
Downloaded: 1127 times
New mix of old and new adjusted. Full bank.
v922 Update Files Only
for Virtuosity Drums [Show all for]
by Samulis [Show all by] on 11 July 2021
Downloaded: 146 times
Download this file IF you have version 910 (initial release) and would like to update to version 922. Patch by extracting then copying the contents, so that the 'Programs' folder and other contents overwrite their existing counterparts. Be sure to Replace the existing files for the patch to work! If you have trouble with the update, you can download the entire library again above if necessary.
TDR Nova
for LF-Generator [Show all for]
by stephane.sauvage [Show all by] on 23 June 2021
Downloaded: 62 times
CZ Presets
for VirtualCZ [Show all for]
by arkmabat [Show all by] on 19 June 2021
Downloaded: 198 timesCasio CZ
This is an archive of the presets found on the now defunct website located here: https://web.archive.org/web/20091023223308/http://geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Frontrow/4877/cz101.html
Larger Than The Oceans sounds
for ModulAir [Show all for]
by Leonard Bowman [Show all by] on 2 June 2021
Downloaded: 153 times
Sounds made for my OSC147 track, Larger Than The Oceans.
27 sounds, sorted into treble, bass, percussion, and effects.
Drumsounds for Full Bucket Modulair I used for OSC 147
Kraftraum - Rotation 32 (Nachtstadt)
Hier habe ich alle Presets die ich in der 32. Rotation verwendet habe, zusammen getragen.
Für einige Presets habe ich Trancegate verwendet da sie so rythmischer klingen :)
Den Track findet ihr unter

Viel Spass beim verwenden und Musik erstellen :)


Here are all presets i use in my 31th Rotation track.
For a few presets i use a trancegate as fx to make the sounds rythmic :)
You find the track under

Enjoy the presets and have fun in creating tracks :)


Kraftraum in 05.2021
ModulAir TMO Sampler
for ModulAir [Show all for]
by schiing [Show all by] on 23 May 2021
Downloaded: 183 times
Here's a selection from my ModulAir banks. 63 presets, including drums, percussion, bass, keys, pads, plucks and sequences. Mostly bread & butter, a few experiments.
Velltone - Deduction
for Deducktion [Show all for]
by VELLTONE MUSIC [Show all by] on 3 May 2021
Downloaded: 415 times
Just move Mod wheel up and down to squeeze sweet deduction:)
From OPT browse external folder and copy these zip files inside,then select them from preset menu under external banks ON THE LEFT SIDE.
for Synchron Player [Show all for]
by seytor [Show all by] on 17 April 2021
Downloaded: 61 times
PG-8X full sound bank
for pg-8x [Show all for]
by Mallorcaguy [Show all by] on 27 March 2021
Downloaded: 3867 times
Hello fellow musicians, I'd like to share a soundbank I created for the PG-8X. It contains 128 presets aimed for the electronic sound lovers out there. Please let me know what you think of the sounds! Have lots of fun making music! Kind regards, Esteban.
for Odin 2 [Show all for]
by mindctrl [Show all by] on 13 March 2021
Downloaded: 407 timesTechno techno modular
Use with minor chord...
for Brassinematic [Show all for]
by kairin [Show all by] on 12 March 2021
Downloaded: 66 times
Hizuvi's vitals
for Vital [Show all for]
by Hizuvi [Show all by] on 7 March 2021
Downloaded: 673 timesEDM Future Bass Melodic Dubstep
Hey there! These are 30 melodic dubstep samples. In here you will find growls, basses, plucks, supersaws, pads and more!
HELLO. WE ARE AZ NHJO HYENNRO SOUNDS INTERNATIONAL. This 128 Patch ACID BASS 1 is awesome, amazing, incredible 128 patches. This is free release but donation is paypal aznhjohyennro@gmail.com
Randomize Device Parameters
for Bitwig Studio [Show all for]
by vadimred13 [Show all by] on 24 February 2021
Downloaded: 78 times
FX Grid patch to randomize the parameters of a device inserted into "Post FX". Use the Macro-4 modulators to modulate whichever parameters you want to randomize and hit the "Randomize" button. 16 modulators are provided. You can make more (pretty self explanatory once you open the Grid patch).
for TB Sibalance v3 [Show all for]
by JEANCARLOSJK [Show all by] on 23 February 2021
Downloaded: 67 times
0 BlueWaves LK
for Synth1 [Show all for]
by lucknow13 [Show all by] on 12 February 2021
Downloaded: 1789 times
A New full bank for Synth 1 . A mix of new and old adjusted patches. MOstly pad sounds for my own music making. Have fun. LK
Molec 1
for FM8 [Show all for]
by Simoon [Show all by] on 12 February 2021
Downloaded: 146 times
Can someone let me know if this file is any good. It's 19 original patches i've written for the FM8. Compressed into a 7zip file because I haven't worked out how to do it any other way....yet! I'm fairly new to FM, so would appreciate some feedback. Thanks
for Sylenth1 [Show all for]
by NHJO_HYENNRO [Show all by] on 11 February 2021
Downloaded: 125 times
HELLO.T This is my own made bank. full bank is 128 awesome acid bass. https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=257&t=560659 this is demo bank 45 preseta acid bass. If you want full bank email to nhjohyennro@naver.com
for 3x Deluxe 2 [Show all for]
by yobare [Show all by] on 7 February 2021
Downloaded: 122 times3x Deluxe
6 Free Soundbanks From Infected Sounds. 48 Presets in each bank.
Recreations of two demo patches that seem not to have been included with the synth, 'Carillon' and 'Chill', as heard at the beginning of Valmont Naudin's CX5M-V video demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRNC2-y8k0w
Reusenoise Dune preset bank
for DUNE [Show all for]
by reusenoise [Show all by] on 3 February 2021
Downloaded: 224 timesDUNE fxp
Old commercial DUNE soundset,set free for all
DSP Synths using a basic waveform.
for Shortcircuit [Show all for]
by wikter [Show all by] on 3 February 2021
Downloaded: 65 times
These sounds don't use any sample. Choose whatever file if Shortcircuit can't find the original and play with all the elements.
1 Ultra Infra LK
for Synth1 [Show all for]
by lucknow13 [Show all by] on 31 January 2021
Downloaded: 1165 times
Welcome to a new full bank for Synth 1. Hope you like it. Please rate. Thanks. Have a great days amigos. LKd.
Jupiter 8 Vintage Factory
for TAL-J-8 [Show all for]
by waltercruz [Show all by] on 31 January 2021
Downloaded: 186 timesJupiter 8 TAL J-8
update - 06/20/2022 - 11 Neg Sync was with a small error
update - 03/28/2021 - 34 Mellow Strings was wrong
Vital Lures pt2
for Vital [Show all for]
by tylerdedera [Show all by] on 28 January 2021
Downloaded: 784 timesVital Wavetable Synth
The second part of my bank of presets, due to upload size
Vital Lures pt1
for Vital [Show all for]
by tylerdedera [Show all by] on 27 January 2021
Downloaded: 790 timesVital Wavetable Synth
First part of a bank of 70 patches I've made for Vital.
TS808 DSP Drumkit
for Shortcircuit [Show all for]
by wikter [Show all by] on 23 January 2021
Downloaded: 75 times808 DSP Samples Bundle TS808
I've sampled some notes on a TS808 directly in a single sample, then sliced in Studio One and pasted directly into Shortcircuit using Drag'n'drop Ç(using jbridge), assigned the right notes, tuned pitches, distributed groups, enhanced sounds and added some DSP from Shortcircuit to create a someway different sound.
Use it and tune it at your desire.
Sample is 32bit float, you can resample to 16bit to get a more digital sounding drumkit, but I tried and the result didn't retained the character of the float version.
Enjoy, I think it's a good start point.
Velltone plucks
for T-Force Alpha Plus [Show all for]
by VELLTONE MUSIC [Show all by] on 19 January 2021
Downloaded: 406 times
Few plucks for v1.52 x64
Richard Semper
for Vital [Show all for]
by RichardSemper [Show all by] on 14 January 2021
Downloaded: 692 times
My first 28 Patches for Vital. An eclectic bunch designed during the One-Synth-Challenge December 2020. Most make full use of the macros, and there are MPE compatible patches.
Beat Repeat
for Bitwig Studio [Show all for]
by vadimred13 [Show all by] on 14 January 2021
Downloaded: 120 times
Beat Repeat for Bitwig (similar to Ableton Live)
My 1st Synth1 bank with 27 patches of experimental sounds.
The assets for the default themes for Deducktion 1.3. Includes an annotated configuration file to help with the development of additional themes. Updated for Deducktion
scratchknott MIDI instrument
for scratchknott 2020 [Show all for]
by mccy [Show all by] on 22 December 2020
Downloaded: 359 times
As a response to a user - feature-request I implemented a switch for direct control as an instrument via MIDI. The modwheel is preset, but it can change to any cc...
Unzip downlaoded file and select Sunrizer app to install SourceCodeX Floating Realms.srb preset bank. Enjoy!
Stortion & Vuja De
for MXXX [Show all for]
by tylerdedera [Show all by] on 17 December 2020
Downloaded: 111 timesDelay Distortion MeldaProduction mxxx
Effects used:
MXXX (4), DistortionMB (4), SaturatorMB (2), WaveFolder (2), Dynamic EQ (4), Wobbler, Phaser, EQ, Convolution (4), Bassador, Amp, WaveShaper (3), Transient, Cabinet (2), Bandpass (11), RingMB, TurboEQ, Limiter

Stortion is a 4 voiced distortion processing unit. Capable of slightly saturated textures and heavy, powerful drives. The intention of the setup is to blend the voices with the cutoff, panorama, drive velocities, and 12 different character modes per voice. It can get extremely loud, which is why the volume sliders are set to zero by default and you’ll notice the effect mix briefly cuts to the dry mix while switching presets as a result. There are a considerable amount of effects and cpu can go up while adjusting parameters during playback.

Each of the four voices have an identical layout while the character of each drive being the difference. The long slider controls the output of the voice. There is a square “MUTE” button which is useful for singling out other active voices. Each voice has 12 different character voices to choose from. “DRIVE” controls the amount of distortion. “PAN” controls the panorama placement of the voice. Generally the intention behind the “V1” knob is to introduces some sort of space and width. While the “V2” knobs control the tone and timbre. The “LO CUT” & “HI CUT” controls respectively cut off the low and high end of each voice. The “RING MOD” obviously dials in the ring modulator, and like the distortion voices has 12 modes of it’s own that alter the phase and shape of the modulator. The “LEECH” button enables the second oscillator of the ring mod which is set to follow pitch of the input and changes character depending on the mode. The EQ section directly next to the Ring Mod and the Limiter below are fairly self explanatory. Worth noting the smaller knobs below each frequency of the EQ control the dynamic of the corresponding frequency.


Vuja De
Effects used:
Delay, Rhythmizer (3), Chorus, Phaser, Transformer, Distortion, Comb, SpectralDelay, Convolution (2), Unison, FollowFilter (2), Granular (2), RingModulator, Vibrato, Flanger (2), Bandpass (2)

Vuja De is a rather simple dual multimode delay. There are fourteen different effect modes to choose from that effect the delayed signal. All of the basic delay and ducking controls are fairly self explanatory. The “TINKER” knobs control variations and character of the selected effect mode. Generally “TINKER A” controls the depth of the selected effect while the “TINKER B” controls the speed. However, these parameters aren’t so cut and dry. They also control various other aspects of each given effect. There is no limiter in the effects chain, so I recommend enabling the MXXX built in one under the tools menu.
Moons Of Mars-
Effects used:
Ring (2), EQ (4), Cabinet (2), Phaser, Flanger, Granular, Delay, Convolution (2), Dynamic EQ (2), AutopanMB, Morph, Reverb, Bandpass, Limiter

Moons Of Mars is a creative reverb, multi fx device. It’s mostly a reverb effect, though I’ve never really approached it as one. I use it for adding ridiculous amounts of filtered/textured space. Using it for busy or rhythmic audio can sound cool, especially with the ducker. But I intended it more for long sustained notes for shaping drones and ambiences.

Up top the “DRY” & “WET” knobs respectfully control the output of each signal. “PRE DELAY”, “WIDTH”, “SIZE”, & “DECAY” are pretty self explanatory for reverb parameters. However it is worth noting that since Moons Of Mars primarily uses convolution reverb, these parameters also have an effect on the pitch and color. A longer decay or size will result in a darker sounding texture. The “HOLD” button freezes the effected signal, note that increasing the “V1” parameter will increase the audibility of the hold. The “REVERSE” button reverses the effected signal, note that at longer size and decay time the reverse signal will take longer to playback. The “MOVE” button introduces a random stereo panning effect, note that the more the width parameters is turned down, the less audible the move effect is. At the very top is a mode selector with 12 different modes. Each one of these modes gives the three main parameters, V1, V2, and MOON, different characteristic behavior in sound. “V1” controls the level of the delay and granular modules and increases the audible tail. “MOON” switches between the two moons.. or impulse responses (since Mars has two moons, hence the gimmicky title of the device). “V2” increases the drone sound of the effect created by the phaser and flanger. There are two “HARMONIC” sections where can choose up to two different notes that will resonate more in the effected signal. Each has an “EMBELISH” button which makes the harmonic effect way more apparent in the mix. It is worth noting that with The HARMONIC and V2 controls that resonances can become very loud in the effected signal, and I encouraged these controls to be played with moderately at first until you fully understand their behavior. The bottom panel is pretty self explanatory where the “LO CUT” & “HI CUT” controls respectively cut off the low and high end. And the “ATTACK” & “RELEASE” control envelope time of the “DUCKING” effect.


Mountain Flanger-
Effects used:
Bassador, Flanger (2), Wobbler, Comb, Dynamic EQ

Mountain Flanger is a flanger with comb filter resonances.

There are 9 modes to choose from in the mode selector. Each one gives a different color and has it’s own characteristic to the other parameters. “SPLIT” determines the stereo field in which the effected signal gains width. The blue buttons once activated turn the signal into mono while still keeping the phase difference. “DELAY”, “RATE”, “FEEDBACK” and “RANGE” are all pretty self explanatory in terms of flanger parameters. These parameters do also have small, random effects on the the comb filter behaves with the flanger signal. Also note that by default the rate is hz, but can be synced by clicking the two blue button by the parameter’s units. The shape of the LFO contains options for a sine, triangle, exponential, rectangle, downward saw, upward saw, 8 sequence stepper, and a random noise shape that changes with the modulators from the edit section. The noise/mess shape works better at very slow rates.
The Tripper
for MXXX [Show all for]
by tylerdedera [Show all by] on 14 December 2020
Downloaded: 89 timesMeldaProduction Multi FX mxxx Sequencing
Effects used:
MXXX, Rhythmizer, Comb (2), Granular (2), Ring (2), Distortion (2), Transformer (2), FollowFilter (8), Reverb (2), Limiter

The Tripper is a step sequencing, multi fx, slice and glitch device. It can look overwhelming at first, but scrolling through the presets should provide further insight into what’s going on. There are basically four sections. Up top is the main gate sequencer. This sequencer controls the volume of the dry signal. The next two sections are identical. Each with its own sequencer and array of effects. The two sequencers in theses sections control the amount of the enabled effects, as well as the filter cut off for three of the four filters. The vowel filters use the sequencers to control the character (vowel position). The final section at the bottom controls a selection of 36 rhythmical glitch and stutter effects split into two frequency bands. The “CROSSOVER” knob in the middle determines where the two bands start and begin. All the effects are fairly self explanatory. Simply enable the effect and you can customize two parameters for each effect. The sequencer as mention is what will make them audible. To the left of each sequencer you can control the overall level of that sequencer’s effects. To the right of the two fx sequencer is a “SMOOTH” slider which smoothens the curve of the step. Each of the three sequencers have identical time control menus and sequencer shape menus. And lastly in the upper right is the global mix intended for bringing in and out the overall effected signal. Worth noting is that the “PITCH” effects are set to a higher quality spectral rate, and can sometimes cause latency depending on your playback setup. If you notice the pitch effect consistently off from the phaser you can fix it my lowering the buffer size in the Transformer modules in Modular 1 & 2.
Effects used:
Rhythmizer, Convolution, Morph, Transform, Unison, Vocoder, Bassador, Doubletracker, Dynamic EQ

Artificial Oxygen is a spectral, pitch shifting, multi fx device. It seems complex under the hood but is laid out pretty simply I think. It’s a weird device with an extra weird GUI, and for that I apologize. I personally use it to add soft warbly textures and alter pitch/frequency. It is very cpu intensive and will introduce considerable latency.

There are two main level or gain sliders. The one up to the left is intended for the overall effected signal, and the one to the bottom left by the sequencer is intended for the dry signal when the “DRY/WET SEQUENCE” button directly above it is enabled. “RESPIRE” basically controls the amount of the signal is effected, but acts differently at different levels. “FORM”, “ALTER”, “HELIUM”, & “SPECTRUM” shift mostly formants, frequency, pitch & harmonics. They can also be used to brighten or darken the color of the texture. “BINDING” also can be used for texture but can also noticeably increase cpu the more clockwise it is set. “MASS” is basically a variety of stereo widening and imaging effects. The “AREA” slider enables the convolution. Using this parameter enables the “LOCATION” knob which selects from left to right between two paired impulse responses. Area also enables the “SPACE” menu parameter up top (unlabeled). This is just the selection of impulse responses to filter the effects through. The four buttons in the middle determine the spectral quality vs cpu intensity. “HAZARDOUS” is the lowest spectral setting and therefore the easiest on cpu. While “ACCEPTABLE” sets all the modules at a higher spectral rate, which in return introduces more latency and cpu resources. The gate sequencer at the bottom has a pink knob under each step. These knobs divide the corresponding step into stairs going up (clockwise) or down (counter cw). Worth noting that when adjusting the parameters of the sequencer during playback, the phase or timing may become off. I recommend starting at the beginning of a measure after setting the steps to get an accurate sound.
Synth programmers ZSC have created 25 free presets for Ascension VST Synthesizer. This free Christmas themed bank includes; basses, leads, pads and synth sounds.

Requires Ascension version 1.5 or higher.

Don't forget to check out our new Knowledge Base for all questions to do with Ascension at ascension-vst-synthesizer.com/product-support
3 Example Patches for Waverazor 2.5.3
for Waverazor [Show all for]
by ] Peter:H [ [Show all by] on 6 December 2020
Downloaded: 35 times
I found that there's currently no uploads for any Waverazor Patches on KVR. So I share 3 of my patches which I did recently.
The patches are meant to explore certain features of waverazor. They are rather raw and unpolished. You can use them as a basis for your experiments.
One of the patches features Filter FM, a second one uses EFX Chaining and the last one uses the new Sequencer Modulator to trigger envelopes. Have fun.

And if you like check out my Waverazor Demotrack on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/p-e-t-e-r-h/space-cruiser-on-a-new-world
This tool serves chords into the Pattern Editor when record mode is on, and previews chords using OSC server at port 8000 when record mode is off. I have updated ChordLord with a translated versions.. English version: https://renoise.com/tools/ChordLord .. Version en Espanol: https://renoise.com/tools/AcordeSenor .. Version en Portugues: https://renoise.com/tools/SenhorAcordes .. Version en Francais: https://renoise.com/tools/AccordSeigneur .. details: https://forum.renoise.com/t/hurray-for-ChordLord/62253 .. **version 3.06.325** with **235 chords** in harmony in all scales/keys and notes.. with a 4 mode step edit arpeggiator, jump, jump up buttons, chord complexity level 0-3, window size 15-45 buttons deep.. * make sure you have the latest version installed (visit this topic): https://forum.renoise.com/t/hurray-for-ChordLord/62253 **Secret turbo user trick: Right click the Scroll to scroll big steps!** Choose a default velocity and octave at the top of the Renoise window.. Also use the tools Inversion to make chords lower/higher. Download and open, doubleclick, or drap the tool into Renoise, version 3.1 or higher (currently: Renoise 3.3.1), to install the tool. You can then find the new version above via menu Tools.. ChordLord 3.06.235 (235 chords), or the older versions of it not used anymore. You may also want to try pattern loop mode (numpad Enter) and play cursor following turned off (Scroll Lock button) when experimenting with Record mode on (if you do not want to enable the OSC server). More info on setting the firewall for the OSC server at the bottom of the Renoise forum post. * make sure you have the latest version installed (visit this topic): https://forum.renoise.com/t/hurray-for-ChordLord/62253 ChordLord is developed by EatMe ( http://eatme.pro/donate ) / over 1/3rd of code Panda ( https://paypal.me/benjohnson2001 ) / 1/3rd of code Suva ( remixta ) / 1/3rd of code - Special thanks to Pone / thank you! Joule / thank you! Neuro..No Neuro / thank you! ..this post was edited 2021-03-18. ..download attached to this post is the English version of ChordLord v3.06.235 tool for Renoise. You may want to visit the Renoise tools pages to find your latest version of ChordLord or AcordeSenor.
some presets
for Turnado [Show all for]
by capracan [Show all by] on 22 November 2020
Downloaded: 77 times
- unzip
- drag n drop in turnado folder
+ tweak knobs until your fingers bleeding ^^,

check https://www.audiobombs.com/users/C-A-P
tuned resonators
for UltraChannel [Show all for]
by Krakatau [Show all by] on 20 November 2020
Downloaded: 46 times
Here two sets of sympathetic drone effets That means two different process chain , covering each notes of chromatic transpositions both in an insert and in a send/return situation Of course the delay times has been chosen manually, and I much appreciate the quality and stability of Eventide’s delay lines, being a well established company in the market at least from the seventies the experience in the domain is undeniable As advices, I would recommend to use instruments being poor in harmonics, I had pretty nice sounds mainly with Trillian’s fretless and diverse electric pianos when not too bright in their harmonic content Otherwise a sort of metallic feel appears, that might be desired but with a less warmer feel induced As a composer advice, I suggest to choose the fundamental of your scale (monotonal compositions, without modal transpositions) major (Ionian) and lydian mode are IMO the most effective, but not necessarily, depend on the way you’ll mix your sound sources together As an example, here a short tune on an a capella improvisation of a singer from Burkina Faso (on a minor scale) https://www.dropbox.com/s/h5b2qsbr8uhpilb/Awa percent 20En percent 20Deuil.mp3?dl=0 As usual, if the link doest not work by itself then copy/paste it in your browser For any reason, if you wish to contact the artist, here her professional Facebook page (in frensh) https://www.facebook.com/awa.chibala To conclude, I suggest to drop my folder among those from other sound designer that contributed to create presets for this plugin (on a Mac : User / « your name » / Documents / Eventide / Ultrachannel / Presets) Alexandre Borcic A copy of this « read me » page is inside the download package…
65 presets I've made over time for Arturia's Pigments 2. These patches lean more toward the creative side of Pigments capabilities.
3 Arp
9 Bass
11 Lead
2 Organ
23 Pads/Textures
10 Seq
2020 Banks
for Add'It [Show all for]
by wikter [Show all by] on 13 November 2020
Downloaded: 55 timesAdditive
Here you can download 3 banks of patches plus an extra bank filled with blank patches to build your own patches from scratch.
Each bank contains 16 presets.

Factory Patches
Blank patches
2 extra banks.

Remember to send to Delay/Reverb to get a better experience as Add'It doesn't include FX.
MVXSynths Big Bank
for Add'It [Show all for]
by wikter [Show all by] on 12 November 2020
Downloaded: 54 times
Created from Synthedit. May not load properly on some hosts as it has more presets than the original VST suports.
for Pedals [Show all for]
by The Noodlist [Show all by] on 31 October 2020
Downloaded: 337 times
Clean guitar with chorus in audio sample uses Pedals vst. Guitar Rig4 Essential for lead.
CV Tools
for Bitwig Studio [Show all for]
by vadimred13 [Show all by] on 14 October 2020
Downloaded: 55 times
CV Template Device and CV Gate Receiver
Generic Bitwig CV template device
10+ patches
for Pendulate [Show all for]
by tonedef71 [Show all by] on 9 October 2020
Downloaded: 207 times
I am contributing the 10+ custom patches (leads, bass, percussion, etc.) that I created for the excellent Pendulate VSTi synthesizer by Newfangled Audio/Eventide.

They were used on my track, 'Cognitive Dissonance Selective Reality', which I submitted as an entry to the KVR One Synth Challenge #140. You can listen to the track here on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tonedef71/cognitive-dissonance-selective-reality

My presets for the track
Kraftraum - Rotation 31 (Fury800)
in the One Synth Challenge 139. Complete track will be find on my Soundcloud page https://soundcloud.com/kraftraum/tracks
Have a great day :)
Polar Skin
for Icarus2 [Show all for]
by PhaseTransition [Show all by] on 9 September 2020
Downloaded: 56 times
Light Skin for Icarus2. PC and Mac.
Velltone mode
for Obsession [Show all for]
by VELLTONE MUSIC [Show all by] on 16 August 2020
Downloaded: 119 times
Delta bass in Velltone mode :)
Pulse Skin
for Icarus2 [Show all for]
by PhaseTransition [Show all by] on 14 August 2020
Downloaded: 92 timesIcarus Icarus2 Skin Skin for Icarus
Dark Skin for Icarus2. PC and Mac.
Starting Patches (for 2.5.2)
for Anacreon [Show all for]
by Erich.Pfister [Show all by] on 12 August 2020
Downloaded: 50 timesAnacreon
Leads, plucks, a piano sound.
for Helm [Show all for]
by nevt [Show all by] on 9 August 2020
Downloaded: 690 timeshelm presets simple sub Sub wobbly pads
kinda closer to pads used in jon bellion-conversation with my wife(add high pass eq and also add sub bass if needed) 2 presets
Synthmaster One Bass Expansion FREE DEMO New Loops presents Synthmaster One Bass Expansion. Unleash the power of SM1 with 50 new bass presets including, punchy, modern dance basses, huge metallic wobbles, morphing wavetable basses, formant and talking basses, deep 808’s, nasty neuro reeces, FM techno basses, classic garage subs and loads more! Full expansion at https://newloops.com/products/synthmaster-one-bass-expansion
Compiled in 2013 after a whole day of noodling with Charlatan. Recently rediscovered in my archives, finally deciding to share it. Better late than never, I guess... ;-)
Dark Green Theme for BAT-S12
for BAT-S12 [Show all for]
by crisfenix [Show all by] on 8 July 2020
Downloaded: 55 times
This zip file contains the Dark Green theme that I have made based at Punch 2 colors. To install this theme, just extract the zip file to your folder of vst plugins and overwrite the files. Enjoy the darkness!
for Largo [Show all for]
by VELLTONE MUSIC [Show all by] on 1 July 2020
Downloaded: 148 times
Nothing special :)
for Helm [Show all for]
by kobraaji [Show all by] on 30 June 2020
Downloaded: 915 times
15 presets
Abi Presets Largo
for Largo [Show all for]
by abi [Show all by] on 30 June 2020
Downloaded: 162 times
These are some sounds I came up with. They are not level matched, so you have to fiddle around with the gain. Enjoy!
Scrubbing Monkeys
for Fathom Synth [Show all for]
by Scrubbing Monkeys [Show all by] on 24 June 2020
Downloaded: 100 times
A patch that demonstrates the new up coming Metamorphic Oscillator. It will only work with Fathom 3.03 or later
5 banks, 640 patches for T-C-M II by Cescato

These patches are based on the ARP Odyssey and are intended for normal keyboard playing, without using the sequencer section.
NOVAkILL - OBSession Patch Bank
for Obsession [Show all for]
by BONES [Show all by] on 23 June 2020
Downloaded: 364 times
80 patches made for Synapse Audio's OBSession during beta testing. Includes the paltry handful chosen for the factory bank, with enhancements. Whilst the leads and drones are in the heavy/dark style you might expect of NOVAkILL, there are plenty of other patches to suit other style of music. Patches are labelled by category. Open the zip file and drag the folder into OBSession's Soundbanks folder, which should be in C:\\Documents\Synapse Audio\OBSession\ on your PC and who knows where on a Mac.
122 free patches for OBsession where 72 were created during the Beta testing and 50 are new ones created after the official release. The download includes 4 folders with the fxp files (unsorted and sorted in catefgory sub-folders), NKS Presets (for the Komplete Kontrol and Maschine 2 software) and *.Repatch files for the OBsession RE plugin. To install the fxp files in Windows please copy the "Ingo Weidner" folder to the Soundbanks folder found at: C:\Users\*your name*\Documents\Synape Audio\Obsession\Soundbanks I have no Mac but AFAIK at OSX it should be located at: \Library\Application Support\Synape Audio\Obsession\Soundbanks. The plugin has to be re-loaded and/or re-inserted to make the new folder appaear in the browser. If you use the download with the category sub-folders (the "sorted" one) the sub-folders wil lappear in the browser like the main folders do.
Valves Bass Guitar Tones
for Valves [Show all for]
by Vee Ess Tee [Show all by] on 17 June 2020
Downloaded: 54 times
This Saturation Plugin makes a surprisingly great source for bass guitar tones, from clean to dirty. I have included both .atp and .fxp versions of these presets that I've made. If you have this plugin and a bass guitar at hand, download this and try it yourself.
Hello, im sharing my Synth1 bank, it has 128 patches of world/new age/synth instruments like glockenspiel, pizzicato, voices, sound effects etc. I did it for fun and personal use, but i think this is useful for someone. Enjoy!
Note Repeater
for Bitwig Studio [Show all for]
by vadimred13 [Show all by] on 5 June 2020
Downloaded: 82 times
Midi note repeater with envelope
Tom Soya Sauce
for OP-Xa V [Show all for]
by Zipede [Show all by] on 2 June 2020
Downloaded: 129 times
Was playing around with the multimode filters and a famous Rush preset fell out of this synth, it needs some fine tuning and maybe some chorus, but it's already pretty close.
My DX10 patches.
More oriented towards video game music imitating the Sega Genesis and other FM style game sounds like SoundBlaster and stuff imitating the Yamaha Portasounds like PSS-470 and PSS-480.

Seemingly most of the presets are pre v1.50. (As of May, 24th, 2020)

Patches pre v1.50 are not suitable for v1.50 and higher.
This has been confirmed by the author of the software.

Attempting to load can even stop your audio engine.

Learned MIDI CC definitions are stored within each preset.
4OSC Patches
for Waveform Pro [Show all for]
by ForrestH [Show all by] on 22 May 2020
Downloaded: 86 times
12 4OSC patches: Jean-Jacques Parpy (2), Jean-Michel Canned (8), Wreck Fakeman, and, er, Mikitor.
for Deducktion [Show all for]
by AQUAO Audio [Show all by] on 21 May 2020
Downloaded: 765 times
Took awhile to make but was fun
The presets in this bank are covering variety of scenarios on how to use BlueARP mainly in live music performance.

Basslines, chorders, phrases, melodics, short sequences etc.

Suitable for Trance, EDM, House, Synthwave & even Rock and Ballad.

Preset type:
[BM]: Bass Motif (uses a fixed motif)
[Bs]: Bass / Bassline
[Ch]: Chorder
[Me]: Melodic (Any instrument, pluck, guitar, synth etc.)
[PM]: Phrase Melodic (using a fixed motif)
[Sq]: Sequence
[SS]: Short Sequence

Some demo examples:
Init Bank for Tricent MK III
for Tricent mk III [Show all for]
by dover666 [Show all by] on 16 May 2020
Downloaded: 179 times
An empty preset bank. To start from scratch.
Hi here are some presets for the EFM1
ToneZ Presets
for Angklung - The Bamboozler [Show all for]
by IV! [Show all by] on 28 April 2020
Downloaded: 80 times
My ToneZ synthesizer presets for the OSC competition.
Patches & Banks for PSA
for SoftAmp PSA [Show all for]
by Vee Ess Tee [Show all by] on 18 April 2020
Downloaded: 207 times
The version of this plugin that I had didn't have built in presets so I found a Reaper preset bank on the web and I took those presets and made them into .fxp files so that they can be used in any DAW.

There are individual fxp patches and some banks based on those patches.
44 more patches for XSRDO Analogy64
Its a ZIP File, you dont need to unzip !
Just drop into User Folder:

: C:\Users\*Username*\Documents\HY-Plugins\HY-SeqCollection2\User

: 12 Snapshots of Rhythms for M5816 Sequencer
: For 2 Sounds only (e.g. Kick and Snare)
: Notes on C and C# only !!
: - Note: In my DAW (Bitwig 3) C and C# from HY-Seq goes to C2 and C#2
: Very less Probability on some Steps

For HY-SeqCollection 2 V. 1.2.32

Note: You need a Drummachine where u can setup that incomming C and C# is playing a Sample.

SBJ ACE Quarantine Pack
for ACE (Any Cable Everywhere) [Show all for]
by sbj [Show all by] on 9 April 2020
Downloaded: 140 times
This pack contains 30 presets. Have fun ;-)
Synth1 patches. Most patches designed by me.
Special thanks to CHOOS on the forum, who has been very helpful with everyone on the forum with patch design. I used some of the patch settings he recommended and made for me and edited them to my likings.
This is a set of bread and butter sounds.
Synth leads, basses, brasses, pads, strings, keys, stabs, plucks, bells, and more.
SBJ Bazille Quarantine Pack
for Bazille [Show all for]
by sbj [Show all by] on 5 April 2020
Downloaded: 151 timesBazille u-he
Here is 100 presets you can use/abuse ;-)
Presets for CX5M
for CX5M-V [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 1 April 2020
Downloaded: 208 times
30 presets ( Test, modif, news ) - https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset
Here's a monophonic synth effect I've made primarily for guitar. It has 3 Oscillators and a noise generator as well as some basic filter options. Included are about 30 presets to get a good idea of how to use it.
50 presets for XSRDO_Analogy x64 v0.971 ( https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset )
30 presets for version 1.2 ( https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset )
CX - Abcynd 2E RDM
for Absynth [Show all for]
by capracan [Show all by] on 8 March 2020
Downloaded: 261 times
23 Presets born from Random Clicking.

In that 7zip are *.nabs just drop that into you absynth preset folder...

- maybe you need to rename one or another...
- maybe there factory presets inside, or not modified, i dont know, i dont check this yet
for Surge XT [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 7 March 2020
Downloaded: 1678 times
50 presets ( modif. and News ) - https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset
Bank for FireBird
for FireBird [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 4 March 2020
Downloaded: 429 times
128 Presets: A little bit of everything, but playable ! ( https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset )
Bank for Feldspar
for Feldspar [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 3 March 2020
Downloaded: 92 times
32 presets - (mono - poly - gate - arpeg - Pad ) ( https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset )
Bank for Stigma
for Stigma [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 2 March 2020
Downloaded: 183 times
32 presets (I added a small example stereo tone with a free reverb )- https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset
Bank for MonoFury
for Mono/Fury [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 1 March 2020
Downloaded: 401 times
30 presets - https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset
Bank for Deputy
for deputy Mark II [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 29 February 2020
Downloaded: 238 times
30 presets ( modif. and news ) - https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset
Bank for Tricent mk 3
for Tricent mk III [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 28 February 2020
Downloaded: 331 times
32 presets ( modif. and news ) Nice synth ! - https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset
Bank for Kern
for Kern [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 28 February 2020
Downloaded: 174 times
30 Presets ( modif. and news ) - https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset
Presets for Nabla
for Nabla [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 27 February 2020
Downloaded: 205 times
30 presets ( modif and news) - https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset
for Tricent mk III [Show all for]
by rockingricky [Show all by] on 26 February 2020
Downloaded: 302 timesFull Bucket Tricent
Some presets for the Tricent, which may useful for someone. Partly made from init sound, partly tweaked factory sounds ...
Jeff VM bank
for Virtual Machine [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 21 February 2020
Downloaded: 55 times
80 presets - Use mod wheel of course ( to accelerate or break the motor ! ) - https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset
Jeff Subconscious bank
for Subconscious [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 20 February 2020
Downloaded: 46 times
60 presets ( https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset )
Jeff Metatron bank
for Metatron [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 20 February 2020
Downloaded: 50 times
60 presets ( https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset )
GalaXynth Jeff Presets
for GalaXynth [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 20 February 2020
Downloaded: 37 times
30 presets for demo version v1.2 ( https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset )
Jeff ElderThing bank
for Elder Thing [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 19 February 2020
Downloaded: 61 times
100 presets ( modif. and news ) https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset
Jeff Pling 4 bank
for Pling [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 18 February 2020
Downloaded: 50 times
Bank for Pling4 - 64 presets ( https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset )
Jeff Stoq bank
for Stoq [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 17 February 2020
Downloaded: 46 times
40 presets ( https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset )
Jeff Phybes bank
for Phybes [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 17 February 2020
Downloaded: 129 times
50 presets ( https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset )
Jeff Pling2 bank
for Pling [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 16 February 2020
Downloaded: 43 times
Bank for Pling2 - 50 presets ( https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset )
Jeff Tetra bank
for Tetra [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 15 February 2020
Downloaded: 41 times
76 presets ( https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset )
Jeff Sonitarium bank
for Sonitarium [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 15 February 2020
Downloaded: 45 times
64 presets ( https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset )
Jeff Moppeltron bank
for Moppeltron [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 15 February 2020
Downloaded: 32 times
30 presets ( https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset )
Jeff Miffi bank
for Miffi [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 15 February 2020
Downloaded: 39 times
73 presets ( https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset )
Jeff Saros bank
for saros [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 15 February 2020
Downloaded: 34 times
60 presets ( https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset )
Jeff Pling bank
for Pling [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 15 February 2020
Downloaded: 40 times
80 presets ( https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset )
Jeff Piamo bank
for Piamo [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 15 February 2020
Downloaded: 44 times
32 presets ( factory modif. ) https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset
Jeff Wind bank
for Sounds of Nature [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 14 February 2020
Downloaded: 90 times
50 Presets ( https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset )
Jeff Water bank
for Water [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 13 February 2020
Downloaded: 129 times
60 presets , others banks here: ( https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset )
Jeff Pling3 bank
for Pling3 [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 12 February 2020
Downloaded: 37 times
16 Presets ( https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset )
Jeff Thunder bank
for Sounds of Nature [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 11 February 2020
Downloaded: 73 times
50 presets ( https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset )
Jeff Fauna bank
for Fauna [Show all for]
by jeff51 [Show all by] on 11 February 2020
Downloaded: 119 times
128 Presets ( Factory modif ) - https://musicien25.wixsite.com/synthpreset

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