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11 Reasons to go to the NAMM Show

11 Reasons to go to the NAMM Show

This year's Winter NAMM Show takes place January 25-28. That's just a couple of weeks away. If you aren't planning to attend here's a bunch of reasons why you should change you mind... (check out KVR's NAMM news at kvraudio.com/namm)

1. Software.NAMM.

NAMM has seen the growth of the music software, and they're committed to it. So, if you love software, there's plenty to check out in this curated software space. NAMM has teamed up with IMSTA (International Music Software Trade Association) and a collection of software providers showcasing the latest music apps and technology.

Find out more here.

2. A3E Sessions

A3E is hosting a variety of sessions focusing on the future of audio during NAMM.

A3E is the nexus point of innovation in music, technology, computer science and manufacturing. Meet the pioneers of each field as they come together to define the future of music technology at A3E, the Advanced Audio + Applications Exchange.

Find the full session schedule here (including one with our own, Chris Halaby's session: "App Integration: Utilizing IOS & Android to Enhance Your Product Line" on Thursday at 11:00am): www.namm.org/thenammshow/2018/A3E

3. More stuff than ever

This year NAMM is opening an additional brand new hall, and will have more exhibits than ever. The show is already the largest in the music products industry, with 5 halls full of all the gear you could possibly imagine. Every musical instrument category is represented at the show. Some traditional. Some definitely not... Now with the addition of a new hall, you'll really need to pace yourself. Consider renting a golf cart, or a small horse and buggy to get you around the show floors.

Search for your favorite company from the exhibitor list here.

4. The TEC Awards

Celebrating the best in professional audio and sound production, KVR is proud to be a sponsor of the TEC awards bring the industry together for an evening of music and celebration of technological achievements in our industry, including those of the KVR community.

This year the event is hosted by comedian Dmetri Martin and takes place on Saturday, January 27 at the Anaheim Hilton Hotel.

Find out more at tecawards.org. You should participate in the vote.

5. The She Rocks Awards

Women make up 50% of the world's population, but only a small % of the music business. NAMM and KVR's own Laura Whitmore have been leading the effort to change this by, among other things, honoring many of the women that have been participating in our industry for years as performers, producers, and executives.

This inspiring event has been linked to NAMM from the get go. Honoring women for all walks of the music and audio industry, it takes place on Friday, January 26, 2018 at 6:30pm at the House of Blues Anaheim.

Chock full of inspiring award acceptances, a star studded red carpet, live performances, a silent auction, amazing goodie bags and more, it's worth going to Anaheim just to be at She Rocks. And of course, men are welcome too.

Get your tickets at sherocksawards.com.

6. The NAMM main stage

In the middle of the plaza, NAMM hosts amazing talent every day on the main stage, from the opening show marching band, to a steady stream of performers on the showcase stages throughout the day and evening. Check out gear all day and then hang for some of the best entertainers around.

You can see the events schedule as we get closer to show time.

7. Women are stepping it up at NAMM

Aside from the She Rocks Awards, there are two new events this year at NAMM to bring more women in the industry together. NAMM itself is hosting a Women at NAMM cocktail hour for NAMM members on Thursday at 5:30pm (surveymonkey.com/r/WomenAtNAMM_NS18) and AES's Diversity & Inclusion committee will host a networking event on Saturday at 6:00pm.

8. You can get a NAMM pass for half off from KVR.

You can find out the many benefits of attending the show at www.namm.org/thenammshow/2018/attend. Use the code SNAMMKVR to get half off when you register at registration.experientevent.com/ShowAMM181

9. Networking

The NAMM Show is the best networking opportunity in any calendar year. Representatives from every major musical instrument company are either displaying in their own booth, or walking the show. Get out your address book and work it. Find a distributor from the UK, Italy, Japan, or even Kazakhstan. Find partners and make deals...

10. Cool fellow musicians and product enthusiasts hanging out...

There is no shortage of celebrities walking around the show, who like all of us, love software and other music products.

Herbie Hancock


Jerry Harrison
(Talking Heads)

Stevie Wonder

How did these guys get in without NAMM passes...?

11. Post show reviews and reports

Be part of the buzz. Most of the industry press attends the show. Make appointments, so that the press can report on just how cool your new (and old) products are...

OK. So that's 11, but here's where you come in. Add your reason here: www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=498061



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