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Audiority provides high quality audio plugins, soundbanks and sample libraries.

Omnisphere Cinematic III is the third installment of our bestsellers Omnisphere Cinematic series, featuring 100 new modern presets designed for Dark Ambient, Film, Soundtrack and Underscore.

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26 Sep 2018Audiority updates Echoes T7E to v1.1 20 Feb 2018Audiority releases Tube Modulator - Vintage Analog Modulations plugin for Mac & Win VST, AU and AAX 18 Nov 2017Audiority releases Echoes T7E - Italian Tube Magnetic Echo plugin for Mac & Win VST, AU and AAX 2 Sep 2017Audiority releases XenoVerb - Creative Multi Algorithm Reverb plugin for Mac & Win VST, AU & AAX 25 Jun 2017Audiority updates Deleight to v1.1 1 Jun 2017Audiority releases Deleight - Resizeable Stereo Multi Tap Delay Plugin for Mac & Win VST, AU & AAX 15 Apr 2017Audiority updates Side Filter to v1.2 with free Low Filter and announces User Area 17 Mar 2017Audiority updates GrainSpace to v1.1 27 Feb 2017Audiority updates Polaris Echo / Reverb to v1.5 - New features and sale 10 Jan 2017Audiority releases GrainSpace - Granular Reverb Processor plugin 8 Nov 2016Audiority updates Harmonic Maximizer plugin to v1.0.2 19 Oct 2016Audiority releases Harmonic Maximizer - Multiband Exciter and Loudness Maximizer plugin 11 Oct 2016Audiority updates The Abuser distortion plugin to v1.3 29 May 2016Audiority updates Polaris to v1.4 - Improved interface 18 May 2016Audiority updates Polaris to v1.3 - New Swell Parameter 15 Apr 2016Chocolate Audio updates The Black Album Drums to v2.0.3 and bundles with Audiority TS-1 14 Apr 2016Audiority updates Polaris to v1.1 introducing Shimmer and extended intro pricing 2 Apr 2016Audiority releases Polaris Echo / Reverb for VST, AU, and AAX 9 Mar 2016Audiority releases Abstract Textures and updates Side Filter to v1.1 8 Feb 2016Audiority updates TS-1 Transient Shaper to v1.1

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