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The Cassetto for Kontakt Group Buy has 2 weeks to go and is approaching the 7th free product
Sep 1
RT @soundtestroom: Sunrizer Free NOSTALGIA Patch Bank from HGSounds The BIG Soundtest for iPad

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19 Jul 2019Homegrown Sounds releases MIDI Looper for Kontakt 29 Mar 2019Homegrown Sounds releases ARP Stream for Kontakt and Circular Group Buy reaches 17/19 products 1 Mar 2019Homegrown Sounds releases Emergent Properties for Kontakt 15 Feb 2019Homegrown Sounds updates Succession Pro to 2.1 and the Circular Group Buy reaches 9/18 products 8 Feb 2019Homegrown Sounds releases Succession Pro for Kontakt 5 and Circular Group Buy unlocks 8/17 Products 18 Jan 2019Homegrown Sounds releases Dark Matter for Kontakt 28 Dec 2018Homegrown Sounds adds 4 Kontakt Instruments to the Circular Group Buy 6 Dec 2018Homegrown Sounds releases Circular and introduces a Group Buy for 15 Products 21 Sep 2018Homegrown Sounds releases Allure for Serum 2 Sep 2018Homegrown Sounds releases "Blue Yonder" for u-he Diva 4 Aug 2018Homegrown Sounds releases "Gravity Wave" for Kontakt 27 Jul 2018Homegrown Sounds releases Contours for Repro-5 and 25% Discount Coupon 31 Mar 2018Homegrown Sounds updates Kontakt Sequencer Collection and Augment Group Buy 23 Mar 2018Homegrown Sounds releases Kontakt MIDI Sequencer Collection 1 Mar 2018Homegrown Sounds releases "Procession" and "Chordian" MIDI Sequencers for Kontakt 5 2 Feb 2018HGSounds releases Reanimator for Kontakt 5 - Free with the Augment Group Buy 26 Jan 2018The HGSounds Augment & Destiny Group Buy for Kontakt Reaches Level 7 12 Jan 2018HGSounds releases Destiny plus Singularity - Free Advanced Synthesizer for Kontakt 5.7 15 Dec 2017Homegrown Sounds releases Augment for Kontakt 5 with a Group Buy plus Kontakt Instruments Sale 10 Aug 2017Homegrown Sounds releases "Fragments" and "Movement" for Kontakt with Intro Offers

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AirTones for KontaktAirWaves for KontaktAlectrona for ArcSynAllure for SerumAmmoniteAnalog IRAnalog PSARPARP Stream for KontaktAstralis Baby BionAstralis BionAstralis Orgone / Astralis Orgone LiteAstronomy TIAugment for KontaktAura for Zebra 2Auriga for SpireAwakenings HALAwakenings IRAwakenings PSBallistic Drum Kits 1Black Magic Loop Generator / Black Magic LiteBlue Yonder for DivaCalculus for Virtual CZCassetto for KontaktChordian for Kontakt 5Circular for Kontakt 5Contours for Repro-5Dark Matter for KontaktDestiny for KontaktDissolution for Dune 2Dissonance IREmergent Properties for Kontakt 5Essence for TAL Bassline 101Fragments for KontaktGratis IRGravity Wave for KontaktHG Pulse ControlHGS WAV RecorderHGS WAV Recorder XHomegrown Electric SitarHomegrown PianoIris Collection Volume 1Kontakt MicrotunerKontakt Sequencer CollectionKosmology - AwakeningsKosmology - ElementaryKosmology - EvolutionKosmology - LuminKosmology - SpaceKosmology AnalogKosmology DissonanceKosmology FreeFallKosmology FusionKosmonautKosmos Infekted CollectionLifelines for SpireLumin IRMesh VSTiMidi Looper for KontaktModulatorMolecules for PolyKB IIMotion for KontaktMovement for KontaktMultitimbral ControlMultiverse - CalculusMultiverse - DominateMultiverse ClassicsMultiverse FragmentedMultiverse InfektedMultiverse VintageNostalgia for SunrizerParadox for Dune 2Radiance STRadiate for miniSyn'XReanimator for KontaktScala CreatorSequlationShimmer for BazilleSingularity for Kontakt 5.7SoundScaperSpark InfektedSpectral ShadowsStarburst IRStarburst K/STStarburst PSStarburst TISuccession Pro for KontaktVintage SynthsVirus KitsVortex
Legacy Products
i.e. No Longer Available
Astralis A and BAstralis BionicAstralis FXIntrojectorProcession for Kontakt 5


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