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2BTruman is the designer of the highly acclaimed Genesis Music Workstation prototype whose impact has influenced the synthesizer industry. Dua Lipa plays it in "Kiss and Make Up". 2BTruman will deliver more futuristic products soon.

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Reviewed By cineplus
March 28, 2021

Every day we see coming new qualizers, new reverbs, new analog synthesizers, they rock for sure, but there is nothing really new.

Instead this plugin is offering something i have never seen before. A new approach to mixing, and that automatic fader is crazy, up to 128 bars fades while i'm playing. This is perfect for my ambient progressive music, and perfect for future funk and other EDM styles.

Last but not least i was blown away by its ability to fully change my mixing workflow. I will never mix again without Cyberfader.

Congratulations to the developers, who have some genius.

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