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Reviewed By Gwugluud77
November 4th, 2018

I'm frothing at the mouth and popping boners for this plugin. If I found something on the sidewalk that said "Joe Meek" on it, I'd eat it without hesitation. Really, I'm such a hard Joe Meek poseur, I've bought a rack processor (a real, 3-D one, the British Channel), a microphone, and a couple of other things, just because they had "Joe Meek" written across them. I would have bought The British Channel because it was green.

This, I'm not sure of its Meek-worthiness or even its relation to anything Meek. I don't think he would have cared much for it. You must set everything on full to get a usable sound from it. I sort of like it. Lends itself well to the 60s garage rock/1976-77 punk rock I'm into and most influenced by. Degrades the sound nicely and subtlely, if dialed in right. Not all I would have expected, but not bad, especially for free.

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