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Reviewed By taviqmastering
August 2nd, 2023

I love the modeling BUT in a future update can you :

  1. Make the noise variable or add the ability to turn it off.
  2. Make the natural hi frequency cuve -3dB at 40KHz. It's currently set now for a maximum of 22kHz with a step slope no matter what sample rate your session is in. The step slope introduces quite a bit of hi frequency loss to every signal, even compared to the original vintage unit.

These updates would make the unit a perfect vintage emulation with optimum hybrid features that can fit into any work flow.

Reply Edit #1: I think that anti-aliasing approach is perfect for working in lower sample rates (44.1 & 48) but when working in 88.2 or higher, which most hybrid pros are, the signal, regarding Nyquist therom, can flow all the way to 40KHz+.

Therefore, I think coding EQ 1979 to allow the hi frequency bandwidth to go all the way to Nyquist of the sample rate or no bandwith cut off, unless oversampling is engaged, if working in sample rates 88.2kHz or higher would give the best situational result from a coding perspective. However, keeping the current hi frequency bandwith limiting in place for sample rates of 48kHz and below is perfect.

Lastly, thank you so much for making this and sharing it with the world for free.

If you make these adjustments I'll definitely change my rating to 5 stars. I gave an extra star for being a developer that actually listens and customer/consumer support.

Reply Edit #2: Also in the future, could you consider doing a fully dual mono version of EQ 1979? If you would like we can exchange contact info to work on the dual mono concept together. taviqmastering@gmail.com.

Response from D4p0up from Belles Ondes on August 2nd, 2023

Thanks for the very detailed and constructive feedback.

The ability to tweak/cancel noise is a great idea, I'll give it a go on next release,

I'll also have a look at the high frequency roll-off setup for next release. My initial intent was to reject as much aliasing as possible, leading to an agressive design which effectively drops at end of audible range.

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Reviewed By EgonTwo
July 29th, 2023

Very nice sounding EQ and saturation.

It seems to process only in mono, so don't use it on your master bus. For this reason I won't be giving this plugin 5 stars. The developer has indicated that this mono/panning is an issue in Cubase, as well. I am using Cakewalk by BandLab. Hopefully they can fix this problem in an updated version.

A day or so later... Belles Ondes have issued a bug fix update version 1.01 for the stereo problem. Great customer service. This plugin now gets the full 5 stars from me.

The input saturation stage sounds really great and can be used without the EQ turned on. A great way to fill out a mix and make it feel warm and glued together. Or push it right up to make your tracks sound hot without any grating breakup.

The EQ section sounds really good as well, very effective and musical even when pushed.

The GUI knob interaction is a bit counterintuitive for me. Where I would prefer to click and pull up on the HPF knob and frequency selector under the MID and LOW knobs, one is required to click and pull down. The disruption to my habitual workflow is minor in this instance and would not prevent me from using this plugin.

File/patch management is through the DAW wrapper and works fine.


Response from D4p0up from Belles Ondes on July 30th, 2023

Hi, thanks for your feedback. I just release V1.01 that should fix stereo pairing issue.

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