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Turn your iPad/iPhone into an expressive synthesizer studio with stunning sound quality.

Alchemy is perfect whether you're developing song ideas on the go or in the studio. Discover an almost limitless palette of musical instruments using the unique remix pad to create constantly evolving and expressive sounds. Play fat basses, evocative soundscapes and pulsing arpeggios thanks to the most powerful synthesis engine on iOS. This is the mobile version of Camel Audio's award-winning Alchemy synth which can be heard on thousands of records by world-class musicians.

Available now on the App Store.

* "It sounds really lush and expressive ... I love the quality of the patches"-
* "Try the free version to see for yourself how good Alchemy really can be" - Recording magazine.

Powerful, expressive synthesizer

  • Synths, basses, piano, strings, guitar, drum kits and more.
  • Incredibly high quality sound - hear it to believe it.
  • Huge variety of sounds thanks to sampler, VA, granular and additive synthesis.

Intuitive song sketch pad

  • 4-Track Sequencer with mixer and solo/mute.
  • Drum Pads - create your own beats.
  • 8 Songs included - have fun remixing tracks.

Easily create living, breathing instruments with the Remix Pad

  • Morph between synth variations to create your own sound.
  • Tilt and Inertia offer a fun physical way to control the synth.
  • 16 Performance Controls so you can easily tweak sounds to fit your music.

Sound like a virtuoso with the easy keyboard

  • Velocity sensitivity and per note filter sweeps.
  • Keyboard scales and one touch chords - sound great with your eyes closed.
  • External MIDI keyboard support.

Integrate Alchemy with your other apps

  • Audiobus - integrate Alchemy with your mobile studio.
  • Copy and Paste.

Expandable With a Wide Range of Instrument Sound Libraries

  • 30 sounds included with 35 more free when you register.
  • 10 in-app purchase Sound Libraries available including Dubstep, Ambient and Dream Voices.
  • Each library contains 50 sounds (a massive 400 variations).

-- In-App Pro Upgrade Features --
Upgrade and enjoy all these great additional features:

  • Save song so you can recall your tunes.
  • Export WAV and MIDI files.
  • 8 songs, 75 sounds & 25 loops.
  • Pitchbend Each Note by sliding your finger left and right.
  • Virtual MIDI - control Alchemy from other Apps such as Beatmaker.
  • Save and load individual tracks.
  • Record remix pad movements.
  • Mark presets as favourites for easy lookup.
  • Additional quantize options including triplets.
  • Additional keyboard scales.
  • Auto Sync to External MIDI tempo.
  • Poly control - set the number of notes to play at once.
  • Latency Control - balance polyphony vs. latency.
  • Remote Control of Alchemy or Alchemy Player on your desktop computer.
  • Load Alchemy Desktop presets.
  • Download Mobile Version of any desktop sound libraries you own for free.
  • Polyphonic pitchbend and aftertouch sent to desktop Alchemy.

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