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Empty Vessel
Otago, New Zealand

Kia Ora!
Empty Vessel is just me, Greg, sitting in my small studio in my house in Otago, New Zealand, occasionally assisted by my ex-feral kitten Finnegan.

I've been programming and playing synths since the 80s, now working largely with a range of software but unable to shake off an obsession with noisy, dusty, aliasing vintage samplers, a few tape machines and the odd little analog synth.

I work on factory presets and design consultancy for manufacturers along with creating my own preset and sample packs for composers.

I pour a lot of time, love and detail into my sounds in the hope they provide inspiration to make amazing music.
I like imperfection in sound: noise, dust, artefacts, random glitches, something to give texture and organic movement and a sense of life and breath.

Empty Vessel sounds are used by Robert Babicz, Charlie Clouser (Nine Inch Nails, Saw, American Horror Story), Blank & Jones, Rabbit in the Moon, SonicMayhem (Quake ii/iii, Unreal, Unreal Tournament), 0_0 (Planet Mu), Stephen Gallagher, Torley, Ty Unwin and many other composers for tv and film.

If you purchase any of my packs - thank you, you're helping me to be able to carry on spending time doing what I love. I hope you enjoy the samples or presets and they inspire you to create music.

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Synergy for BYOME
Reviewed By euanek
May 3, 2019

An excellent and diverse pack of sounds for BYOME. You could probably make entire tracks using just a sinewave and this pack! One tip: have fun ignoring the advice for which kinds of sounds to use these on. Stick your drums in the "pads" sounds and your long notes through the "short notes" sounds. Gorgeous, dusty, and inspiring.

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Pathogen for Dmitry Sches Thorn
Reviewed By chrisg
February 9, 2019

just bought both EMPTY VESSEL packs for THORN. crazy stuff and very useful at the same time.

that's how i love synth patches: with a personality and soul .

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