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ganK the Synthesizer
Reviewed By huihuide
November 7th, 2009

I've used gank to make a synth track and it turned out fine. I can say it's good for ordinary purposes. And the laser sound is kind of cool, like the kind in sci-fi movies.
gank is not bad as a freeware. It can provide a variety of sounds with fine quality. The interface is simple and easy to use, and it has cool graphic design. The sound from the two channels are mixed as if filtered with an internal chorus effect (or to say, I can't find how to switch it off).
However there are areas for improvement. In some occasions, the sound seems compressed. The time span of the ADSR should be enlarged. The filter part lacks functioning like "velo-track" and "pitch-track", which are indispensable. And gank doesn't repond to my pitchwheel, which is kind of important. It would be better if the LFO can have a destination with multiple choice (now it merely modulates the pitch). Also, arp settings feature would be welcome too.
Lastly, the equalizer is not that necessary, is it?
All in all, good work. At least it never crashed during my trial on Fl studio.
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