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Pulsar Novation
www.pulsarmodular.com / psupport@pulsarmodular.com

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P565 Siren Filter Set
Reviewed By 2Chill
August 10th, 2022

First I must start by saying that Pulsar Modular plug ins are by FAR if not the best plug in software I've ever heard.

From Lunar Landar, to The P42.

Climax, and The P565 Siren Filter is just on a whole other level.

I highly recommend anyone who hasn't tried these plug ins to definitely give it a go,

I guarantee you can not go wrong.

If your looking for high quality, to dam near hardware emulation sound, this is it.

they give a 40 days trial as well witch is super generous,

Just give it try and here it for yourself.

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P42 Climax Line Amp
Reviewed By lriv5
February 26th, 2022

I was skeptical about this plugin. I downloaded the demo and I have to admit, I'm blown away! I compared it to all my other saturation plugins, but none achieve that nice saturation like P42. It manages to color the sound and give it so much energy without losing detail or sounding thin. You simply have to demo it and I think you'll be convinced as well! A must have plugin that I'm hoping to buy soon after the demo period is over.

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P42 Climax Line Amp
Reviewed By idoru97214
October 10th, 2021

I did not think I would ever see myself spending what this cost on any plugin - honestly. I'll start with that. But after seeing a lot of positive comments on a forum I frequent, I decided to download the demo.

My experience with this plugin was immediate and unequivocal. In my opinion - and this is so far, who know what the future holds - this is the best EQ/saturation product on the market today. The sound is dynamic and "alive" in a way I honestly have not heard ITB (though I think Acustica comes close - I love Acustica).

I have, own, and use saturation from Tone Projects, Goodhertz, Softube, Kush and many of the major players in the field, and there are some great ones. This one - I feel - is alone in its class at this point. Not that it is a simple saturator, it isn't. It's a tone shaper, and I would argue, has such a wonderful and varied spectrum of possibility that it is a tone swiss-army knife while also imparting some saturation and brings sound alive in a way few ITB offerings even come close to.

So, yes, it's a whole lot of money for any one digital tool. I had a hard time with that. I would suggest downloading the trial and work this bad boy out. Push it, do dual mono if you can. Then try to not buy it.

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P42 Climax Line Amp
Reviewed By saxophonick
October 10th, 2021

As soon as I inserted the plugin, I was pretty impressed.

At my studio we work a lot with subtle saturation for tracking, doing so I get to use a diverse array of preamps, from vintage tube preamps, 60s/70s transformer-based, European, American up to more modern gear.

As I was impressed upon listening to the P42, I checked to see if it wasn't the init setting that was louder than my unprocessed material, which is a trick too often seen and heard. But no, peak levels were similar, but I could hear a beefing up of the low end, more density in the sound from the saturation compression and harmonic colouration. Also, transients didn't get butchered but so slightly sweetened.

Whatever track or source material you're working on, boosting the saturation slider emphasises the aforementioned effect on the sound and it takes quite some action before the sound breaks up. When it does it sounds sweet.

I must say that while I give it 5 stars for the sound, which matters most, I would have given less for the GUI which at first sight gave me a « made with Synthedit » déjà vu of when I started out with free plugins, associated sometimes with less reliable ones.

However, in the week that I've been demoing it, sometimes with many instances it has been rock solid, not a glitch.

While priced a bit strong, it works on a broad spectrum of material and with the available controls can be setup for finesse or scorching hot sound.

Definitely worth trying.

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P42 Climax Line Amp
Reviewed By Omkar
October 10th, 2021

First off for the anti dongle fraction: no dongle, no dongle software required.
Second for the anti c&r fraction: it is c&r.

If you're still interested, there's a 40-day fully functional trial for 2 computers.
Enough time to consider the individual pros & cons.

Price tag is highly anti-cyclical, so it must bring something on the plate ...
and it does.

It is a riddle to me how an emulation can go that far
to appear so true and authentic vs the original sound
within a fair amount of usage (can of course "destroy" the sound).
As a regular user of AA plugins I am pretty surprised by the quality of the P42
and welcome it's capacities frankly missed in AA land.

P42 doesn't force the sound into it's predetermined routines,
rather goes with the given sound and enhance what's there.

Maybe that's what hw units did back in the days,
I cannot judge that but I had the impression it must have been like this.
To call it a preamp may be right when we talk about those "back in the days" units
otherwise it is so flexible one can easily say
it is also a sound shaper, a distortion box, an enhancer and what not.

All that definitely in a quality unheard before, so 5 stars all the way.

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P42 Climax Line Amp
Reviewed By cinematree
October 10th, 2021

So far whatever I run through P42 feels more alive. It thickens things in a pleasing way and is fun to use. I'm also able to get more clarity without harshness.

The CPU usage is very low, and I like the improvements the dev has already made to it. I'm not crazy about the GUI, but given the sound and the low CPU usage I can roll with it.

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P42 Climax Line Amp
Reviewed By Ssamson
October 10th, 2021

The P42 Line Amp brings the mojo for sure. It can be extreme but I prefer how subtle it can be. The interaction between the EQ shelves and filters is really intuitive. In fact one of the major strengths of the P42 is that it is so quick and easy to dial in sounds. It is particularly great on individual drums (the way it can transform a snare is actually amazing) and bass, but really it is useful on everything. The CPU hit is so low that you CAN use it on everything too! Highly recommended, it rolls with all the best plugin saturators and tone shapers out there.

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P42 Climax Line Amp
Reviewed By Endor-8o8
October 10th, 2021

Great tool !! Love the saturation that can be subtle or agressive but never harsh. The Air switch and the Hi-Shelf/Low-Shelf are also very useful and musical. Can be useful for individual tracks or busses (even mastering session).

Congrats Pulsar Modular .

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