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The developer of REPETO looping and sequencing software.

Record, overdub, loop and manipulate MIDI note data.

REPETO is a feedback based MIDI looper. The principle is similar to audio loopers: Delayed signal read from the buffer is fed back into the buffer with new input signal. REPETO does this, but with MIDI note events instead of audio signals.

REPETO records MIDI note data into the loop buffer which is played back with a delay defined by loop length parameter. The loop length can be changed any time even during recording.

REPETO can be used as a real-time pattern sequencer with capabilities not seen in any other sequencers.

Recorded loops can be manipulated by recording and overdubbing new notes and by adjusting recording, loop length, quantization and playback (pitch, velocity, note length) parameters in real-time.

Control the plugin parameters either with plugin host automation or by assigning MIDI controllers manually or with MIDI learn functionality.

Screenshot of REPETO Standard 0.9.5:

Screenshot of REPETO Mini 0.9.0: