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Reviewed By tommyzai
October 12th, 2013

VSTForx by Samba Godschynski (a.k.a. Johannes Unger) is an amazingly simple, yet powerful modular effect network creation tool. Admittedly, when I first launched this plugin I had no idea where to begin; however, after watching a couple short video tutorials I was up-and-running in no time.

  1. Open a track in my DAW.
  2. Drop VSTForx onto track.
  3. Modify Scene.
  4. Add a few plugins to the Scene.
  5. Move them around into an order that made sense to me.
  6. Create a routing system by connecting the plugins via dragged lines.
  7. Open individual plugin windows as needed and select presets and/or adjusted parameters.

Many, if not all DAWs, allow users to apply multiple effects plugins to a track, but with VSTForx they are all visually displayed, organized, and edited on one page. Virtual instruments can also be loaded and assigned MIDI channels.


  • Provides endless routing possibilities and facilitates control over plugins (effects and instruments).
  • Beautiful to work with — a visual dream.
  • Creative, intuitive, straightforward, and fun.
  • Addictive (not sure if this is a pro or con).
  • Automations (haven't tried yet).
  • Price is insanely low.
  • Responsive developer (communication and updates).


  • VST only, probably due to AU limitations.


VSTForx eliminates plugin effect routing madness. It takes one of the most frustrating things about producing music electronically and turns into an addictive pleasure. This plugin speeds up the creative process. What's not to like? I highly recommend VSTForx to any and all e-musicians, producers, DJs, sound designers, etc. Basically, this plugin is for anyone who makes e-music and has some spare change in his or her PayPal account. Tommy Zai gives VSTForx two simple, but powerful thumbs up. Thank you for creating such a limitless routing plugin.

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Reviewed By robogone
September 16th, 2013

I probably don't write reviews of software I use anywhere near often enough, but having owned this for a while I felt that I needed to give a first review for it.

In short, this is an extension of the chainer or routing type software that is already out there, but with much more than any of the existing software can offer. It's only been around for a short while, but the developer has been hard at this and added new features and fixed bugs at a pretty amazing rate. There are a few more new features already in the pipeline, and I'm sure they will be implemented soon.

If you've ever been frustrated with the limitations in routing possibilities for your DAW, then this software might be just the thing you're looking for. Not only can you perform complex routing tasks easily, you also gain a lot of control over the parameters of other plugs that are routed from within VSTforx.

It's just gone into 64-bit, and the developer is going to start working on a bridge, so that you can also use 32-bit plugs within the 64-bit version. To me this is a huge thing - it opens up so many possibilities that would otherwise be extremely complex or even impossible.

There is something of a small learning curve with this, but once you get used to it, things should be pretty straightforward.

Development is going at a pace and that is something of a two-edged sword - in exchange for rapid development, you get a few bugs in releases, but the dev is very fast at jumping on them and getting them fixed.

As for price? It's ridiculous how cheap this is, and it should be in the price range of everyone. If you're interested, I'd suggest you try the demo and then consider supporting this dev, who really has created a pretty unique product.

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