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Soundtoys audio effects bring color, character, and creativity to your digital music studio with plug-ins that merge the sound and vibe of classic analog gear with modern and musical twists.

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Reviewed By Lumin8ing
May 8th, 2022

This is the secret weapon for a lot of engineers who know how to properly increase depth within their tracks. Not only is this an effect filter... it is a mix changer. Put in on any mono or stereo audio track you desire to improve. By understanding how to set the envelope follower you can easily add realism and movement into all your tracks building a more solid as well as transparent feel. This is a necessity if you are having trouble getting tracks to pop out in pleasing way. It can end struggles. I've been using it since it came out and wouldn't mix without it. You must use it with the mix levels set to the low side to really see what it can do. Check it out.

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Reviewed By blortblort
January 26th, 2022


Digital delays are one of my favorite things. My very first digital delay was a Roland SDE1000. Hard to imagine this machine is over 40 years old.

I just checked Amazon, and the SDE1000 is selling for about the same amount as it did initially.

All this to say-

Soundtoys Echoboy has been around for at least 15 years. In the digital audio world THAT is forever. The fact that Echoboy still outshines most delay vsts in terms of sound and versatility is unprecedented.

For whatever reason there have been a LOT of delay devices to hit the market in the last couple years. I feel like Echoboy has lost a little of the attention it deserves. It IS a tad pricey compared to many other delays, however- Echoboy is so much more than a simple delay plugin.

With all the attention being on "lofi" these days- Echoboy has all the bases covered. You can get all the character, saturation, wobble, wonky timings that you could ever want using only one or two instances of Echoboy.

Will I continue to buy up many of the new delays that hit the market? Probably. I'm kind of an addict;P.

That said- Echoboy will always be one of my all-time top 10 favorites.

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Reviewed By vinx98
January 11th, 2022

PhaseMistress captures the sounds of legendary phasers and packs them into one plug-in that takes this creative effect to the next level.


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Reviewed By vinx98
January 8th, 2022

This is my crystallizer soundtoys review Crystallizer is an otherworldly creative effect that transforms instruments using a combination of pitch shifting and reversed echo. Based on the Eventide H3000's innovative "Reverse Shift" algorithm, Crystallizer brings granular echo slicing, old-school pitch shifting and powerful new features together into one inspiring tool. If you listened to the radio in the late 80s, you've heard the Crystal Echoes effect from the Eventide H3000 effects processor. The sound is absolutely unmistakable, and has been used on countless records to transform simple chords into epic soundscapes. Once musicians and engineers got their hands on this unique technique, and realized how it instantly turned minimal guitar lines into shimmering symphonic textures, there was no going back. You can hear it on hundreds of records—from 80s anthems, to ambient compositions, to modern indie rock and chillwave. And now you can have it, too.


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Reviewed By zisser
December 14th, 2019

This is one of the best vocal plugins out there. Simple and effective. Easy to use interface and dial in the perfect vocal doubling.

Watch my review on YouTube: https://youtu.be/QbxP4IK38GI

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Little Plate
Reviewed By Seizurespalace
November 14th, 2017

A little reverb with a big sound!

I'll keep this review simple, as the product itself isn't overly complicated.

First of all, get this plugin while it's free (until Nov 22 2017)! Soundtoys is known for making quality plugins, and they haven't let us down with this new little gem. As a quick aside, check out their student discounts, they're phenomenal. This product is ideal for vocals and drums, but can be used on anything really. Don't let the title "Little Plate" fool you, you can have up to infinity decay time for a HUGE sound. Here's a quick breakdown of the various parameters.

Decay - Set from 0.5 seconds to infinity. Sounds best when subtle in my opinion (especially on vocals), but can be used more extreme as a more artistic/creative effect. One big vintage looking knob is used for the decay time, and it's very smooth to help set the exact decay that you're aiming for.

Low Cut - Very useful as this reverb is quite warm. Don't forget that reverb isn't naturally very bass heavy, due to the loss of low frequencies once a sound has bounced off of a surface. That said, setting an appropriate amount of low cut to your verb will help it sit in a more natural sounding space. Set to taste.

Dry/Wet - you know the drill. Set this fully to wet and drop it into a return track, then dial in the amount of reverb you desire on specific channels.

Mod - When this switch is turned on the reverb tail will have more variances to provide a more natural sounding reverb. I would use this on more acoustic genres, and leave it off for a more digital/exact sound.

Presets - Categories are 'Basics, Drums, Vocals, Extreme, Default, and User'. I really like the 1 second warmup, and 2 second warmup vocal presets on lead vocals. Try dialing in just enough that you barely hear the effect. Don't forget to save your own user presets once you've tweaked the presets given to you.

I've recorded a walkthrough/tutorial video that will help show this unit when used on a vocal part. I have many more music production videos pending, so please subscribe to stay posted for more videos in the future! kfhkh *see link below*.


Learn more here: http://www.soundtoys.com/introducing-little-plate/

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Reviewed By stardustmedia
May 19th, 2014

No ratings yet?! Unbelievable.

Where can I start with such a wonderful piece of software... Let's keep it simple.

Sound: Overall EchoBoy sounds very good. I wouldn't say it sounds real analog, but not cold harsh or digital at all. Just very good. Huge variety of sounds are possible thanks to the 31 (!!) different delay/chorus styles (from known types like Tape, Space Echo, Memory Man, DM-2, CE-1, etc.). Then you can drive those styles very nicely with the input. There are also new unique styles like Telephone, AM Radio or reverbish styles and so on that give you instant access to cool new sounds you normally don't expect from a delay. Still not satisfied? Go deeper into the style edit mode and create your own styles and save them.

Delay: You can expect the usual, but no extraordinary long delays. In most cases it is way enough. But if you need delays longer than 1 bar, you'll need to look for another contender. EchoBoy gives you two parameters for direct groove access: Groove and Feel. Generate fast and easy funky groove patterns. Besides the style you can dial in extra LPF and HPF. And switch between different delay modes (Single Echo, Dual Echo, Ping Pong and Rhythm Echo. Rhythm Echo is a very complex mode, where you can tap or paint your delays (and save them next to the already existing Rhythm Echo patterns). The other delay modes also gives you further in depth parameters like width, accent, offset and more.

There is much more. I just recommend you to get the demo. I promise you will buy EchoBoy afterwards. I use it all the time in every project multiple times.

One of the very few plugins I give a 10/10.

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Reviewed By bduffy
February 8th, 2012

Note: I was lucky enough to get in on the free-version deal when this was released in 2011. Sadly, the free version doesn't seem to exist anymore, and is now a slightly expensive plug-in. I will base my review off the free version mainly, but I did try out the full version when it was released.

Devil-Loc is an incredible, lo-fi drum compressor/distorter. This has become my go-to plug-in for dirty parallel compression on drums. It's really such a simple plug-in; a small tweak of the parameters and your drums (and basses) will be screaming in glorious agony. I'd say it's destined to be a classic, if it became more widely-known.

The controls are super-simple: basically "CRUSH" = compression, and "CRUNCH" = distortion. It reminds me of CamelPhat Free in many ways, right down to its "instantly sounds good" factor. I find the compressor sounds best below about the "7" mark. The compression gets a little unpredictable when cranked, kind of "ducky", but experimentation should be encouraged with this plug-in. A real selling point is the attack on the compression; it's very spiky, and delivers and instant punch to it that is ideal for drums, and can add real presence to bass lines.

The distortion is wonderful, warm and tube-y, and can really help tracks stand out and sound less "digital". Not much more to add, except to watch out when blending it with the compression.

I would've given this a "10", except for a couple of factors:

  1. There is no output gain control/compensation, so this gets very loud, very easily.

  2. The full version of this plug-in is rather expensive for what you get. The full version only adds a couple more parameters and is $129. I'd have a tough time recommending this to anyone apart from the most moneyed musician. But if you're inclined, you won't regret it!
  3. I've found it to be a little buggy from time to time. I will report this to SoundToys.

But all in all, an amazing plug-in! And I'm sure those of us who were fortunate enough to get the free version will be wringing our hands for eternity as we reside over our warm, trashy parallel compression busses...

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