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Soundtoys audio effects bring color, character, and creativity to your digital music studio with plug-ins that merge the sound and vibe of classic analog gear with modern and musical twists.

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Latest reviews of Soundtoys products

Reviewed By Krampelli
September 9th, 2023

Fantastic EQ perfect for busses or any sound that needs some drive and color. Great tool in the box that I keep finding myself coming back to. Highly recommend.

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Reviewed By Faydit
May 28th, 2023

Most probably the only plate reverb plugin, you ever will need.

A lot of useful tweaking options plus some features, a real plate reverb cannot offer and the typical Soundtoys quality.

I upgraded from Little Plate, which I already liked, but SuperPlate is a different league with much more, well adjustable and controllable options. All of them make sense in specific contexts, but I find the Auto-Decay one of the most important ones.

No future wishes, maybe apart from one: A spring reverb form Soundtoys with comparable features and flexibility.

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Reviewed By Kozysworld
December 25th, 2022

I've owned this for a while. If you're after that Thermionic Culture type tube distortion this thing does it well. You can use subtly or obliterate your audio as you wish.

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Little Plate
Reviewed By Strat1960
December 1st, 2022

I never even heard of Little Plate until I was recording tracks with a top Nashville artist.. when I received the Pro Tool's session back I saw Little plate greyed out because it wasn't in my DAW.. I said what the Hell is that .. I ordered it and it is by far the best kept secret in Nashville!! ... totally AMAZING !!!!Rich Stunning Plate that the pro's use.

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Little Radiator
Reviewed By RobertSchulz
November 25th, 2022

Great sounding tube-emulation. Love the sound you get from the bias-switch and the dry/wet feature. List price isn't really worth it tough, but great tool for getting it for free. They should make Little Radiator as your free entry to many new costumers like me for unlimited time, not just once every couple of years.

Only thing is I would wish there would be the output volume knob which Radiator has. Dry/Wet isn't exactly the right choice to lower down the volume back to unity gain but I guess of course this belongs to that Little Radiotor is just a fair and simple limited version of Radiator.

But for 79$ list price a fair argument to put nonetheless.

4/5 stars.

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Reviewed By Lumin8ing
May 8th, 2022

This is the secret weapon for a lot of engineers who know how to properly increase depth within their tracks. Not only is this an effect filter... it is a mix changer. Put in on any mono or stereo audio track you desire to improve. By understanding how to set the envelope follower you can easily add realism and movement into all your tracks building a more solid as well as transparent feel. This is a necessity if you are having trouble getting tracks to pop out in pleasing way. It can end struggles. I've been using it since it came out and wouldn't mix without it. You must use it with the mix levels set to the low side to really see what it can do. Check it out.

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Reviewed By blortblort
January 26th, 2022


Digital delays are one of my favorite things. My very first digital delay was a Roland SDE1000. Hard to imagine this machine is over 40 years old.

I just checked Amazon, and the SDE1000 is selling for about the same amount as it did initially.

All this to say-

Soundtoys Echoboy has been around for at least 15 years. In the digital audio world THAT is forever. The fact that Echoboy still outshines most delay vsts in terms of sound and versatility is unprecedented.

For whatever reason there have been a LOT of delay devices to hit the market in the last couple years. I feel like Echoboy has lost a little of the attention it deserves. It IS a tad pricey compared to many other delays, however- Echoboy is so much more than a simple delay plugin.

With all the attention being on "lofi" these days- Echoboy has all the bases covered. You can get all the character, saturation, wobble, wonky timings that you could ever want using only one or two instances of Echoboy.

Will I continue to buy up many of the new delays that hit the market? Probably. I'm kind of an addict;P.

That said- Echoboy will always be one of my all-time top 10 favorites.

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Reviewed By vinx98
January 11th, 2022

PhaseMistress captures the sounds of legendary phasers and packs them into one plug-in that takes this creative effect to the next level.


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