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ThP Synth Presets is a one-man operation. My name is Peter and I'm from the Netherlands. My main interests in music are playing the guitar and producing electronic music.
One aspect of electronic music soon sparked my interest, being synth programming. My first own sounds were made with the Cubase synth Prologue. After that, Retrologue came and that one still is an exiting object for sounddesign.
After being elected as the winner in a Synth contest, I got Synthmaster 2 as a price. After that, Synthmaster One followed.
Meanwhile I discovered OB-Xd. At first it seemed to be simple and bland, but as soon as I realised the exciting nature of its sound engine, I got into imitating sounds of the bands I had heard during my teenage days. Being a highschool pupil in a West-European country from 1980-1985, teenage days don't get more synthpop-drenched than mine did :)
Lately, after exploring u-he's Beatzille (a super capable free synth), I finally bit the bullet and got u-he's Zebra2.
My focus is now divided (focus? what focus?) between Retrologue, Synthmaster and Zebra.
These synths may or may not make me introduce commercial soundsets in the future, I do not know yet.