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Products by Topaz Productions

Latest reviews of Topaz Productions products

Topaz Clav1
Reviewed By AKJ
June 27th, 2005

The Clav-1 is a Clavinet simple sample player/vsti and it sounds quite good (for a clavinet). At least to me it sounds in fact better than the Ticky Clav VSTi which many people here seem to like a lot.

The user interface is nice and clear, maybe a better font could be used (to much vintage style for me).

All basic features are there, I do not miss anything. The modulation fx could be better but for that purpose many free vsts are avaiable so an improvement in this sector is not really required.

The presets are ok good/but but not too many. The docomentation is just one sheet, but more is not really

Unlike the EP1 of Topaz (which I cannot get to work here) this thing just works fine. no crashes so far. thus I did not need customer support and so I cannot complain about it.

Since it's free: the value for money is great.(hey, but anyway, for a clavinet vsti I would probably never spend any money...)

give it a try! it's free and so there is not risk in trying it.
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LFO Filter Free
Reviewed By Muff Wiggler
October 28th, 2003

Topaz's LFO Filter is kickass...I can't believe that more people don't talk about it when discussing filter plugins...especially when you consider the price. In my opinion this one (along with all of Topaz's stuff) shows how much SynthEdit creations can truly shine when put together by the right people....

Featuring a lovely GUI from KlangLabs, this filter has a very clean and precise sound, and is perfect for creating 'underwater' ambience, resonant squeltches, or lovely sweeps.... in fact my favorite thing about it is how easy it is to dial in a good sound. It's very clean and precise sounding.

Where the plugin gets really cool however is with the LFO. Modulating the filter's cutoff, you get a variety of LFO shapes to choose from, with options for free-running, triggered, or tempo synched to host - you can really get some cool sounds! This LFO unit makes this sound more like a 'filter plus phaser' sometimes and is loads of fun to play with.

Finally, an onboard distortion unit gives you some final noise-shaping options to round out an already beefy plugin. Every filter lover and sound mangler should download and play with this thing right now, and this goes double for anyone who is dubious about SynthEdit stuff (like far too many of you are)! You will be impressed...this one has a permanant spot in my filter folder along with some much more expensive models.

I actually got this along with the Topaz bundle of effects, which I'm going to shamelessly pimp for a moment here. If you like this plug you should check it out - you get 21 incredible effects plugins (others also featuring KlangLabs GUI's in a similar style to LFO Filter), all very musical and useful, for $25. By far the best VFM in the world of VST effects that I have come across so far, I really recommend it to anyone who is interested...I find these FX extremely useful.

Anyway, as far as filters go, I think that you'll agree that this one has a unique sound and style, and is easy and fun to work with....so what are you waiting for? Great sounding filter plugins with lovely GUI's that are also FREE don't come around every day, so grab this baby right now and have some fun.

About the ratings....it has no presets, no manual persay but it's self-explnatory....about support, Topaz is really easy to contact via KVR forum, email or IRC, and he'll help you out if you have any problems....stability: never had a problem, as mentioned sound is great, on a plug like this how can VFM NOT be 10? :)
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