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Always royalty-free

You can download our beats and use them in any way you want in accordance with our Terms of Service. You do not need to mention or credit Wahzaa, we believe that the final product is yours and yours only.

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Wahzaa Free
Reviewed By Simbare
May 18, 2021

The platform offers something that many have tried before but failed to bring it to the level of ease and worth that they have. It has a wide range of features. You can like, download or just listen to the beats. What hit me is that it's full instrumentals and you can just put your vocals on top. As an artist can use the beats without fear of copyright infringements. Wahzaa currently offers beats in mp3 and WAV format. It seems like stems will soon be made available and that might be a gamechanger and as a producer myself I really see this as a great feature. Would be a dream to just pick a beat when you have a session to get a song going and then later on decide if I should keep a specific stem from the beat.

What I really hope is that they expand the library with a lot more material in other styles.

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