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zyvenhaal.com / hello@zensyca.com

Zyvenhaal started, not to remake the world, but to have fun and enjoy experimental sounds and deform field recording sounds mixed with synthetic sounds.

With us you get products, that promote the creative in the artist by their own twisted way.

Our products include drum machines for hard sounding industrial beats, beautiful string synths, crazy multilevel noise drone synths up to deep dark athmospheric synths.

We follow the motto "Quality, not quantity". This means that we don't offer a new, sampled synthesizer every week or quickly copied material from the remaining stock, but we take our time in compiling the samples and in operating our tools.
A lot of sounds are collected via field recording, which means going out into nature, putting on microphone and recorder and capturing the sounds of this world.
Because we love what we do and have fun deforming sounds and designing new possibilities.