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FXpansion releases Cypher2 in: Instruments by: Funkasizer 18 Aug 11:05
Waves Lexicon 224 in: Effects by: ward0 18 Aug 11:03
Flash of the Blade in: Music Cafe by: ChamMusic 18 Aug 10:49
Tape Emulation roundup in: Effects by: heavymetalmixer 18 Aug 10:48
bluetrain in: Music Cafe by: ChamMusic 18 Aug 10:48
What is it about Sylenth1 ? in: Instruments by: DrewDale 18 Aug 10:43
Bitwig 2.4 MPE fixed? in: Roger Linn Design by: Tj Shredder 18 Aug 10:34
Crust [pre-alpha] in: Instruments by: Russell Grand 18 Aug 10:23
MPE with Hardware Synths in: Bitwig by: ThomasHelzle 18 Aug 10:12
u-he Colour Copy now available in: Effects by: midi_transmission 18 Aug 10:00
Drum Vsti for Hip-Hop in: Instruments by: dmichaelsmusic 18 Aug 10:00
Old Free VSTi Gems From The Past in: Instruments by: Schiffbauer 18 Aug 09:59
TX16Wx 3 beta in: CWITEC by: flusheddata 18 Aug 09:56
your "super-synth" ? in: Instruments by: izonin 18 Aug 09:50
Klevgränd Svep in: Effects by: willsavino 18 Aug 09:30


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