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Favorite Reaktor Drums in: Modular Synthesis by: Bodhisan 22 Feb 04:18
SoS review of Bitwig 3 finally on-line in full in: Bitwig by: Echoes in the Attic 22 Feb 04:15
"Open" snare sample in: Sound Design by: NAD 22 Feb 04:14
Korg releases Korg Triton VST in: Instruments by: EvilDragon 22 Feb 04:01
Reason Rack VST in: Instruments by: EvilDragon 22 Feb 04:00
if reason can rack... in: Bitwig by: xbitz 22 Feb 03:53
DrumComputer released! in: Sugar Bytes by: gunnar 22 Feb 03:41
Hive 2.0 constantly getting stuck in: u-he by: tasmaniandevil 22 Feb 03:31
Pixys2: work in progress in: Effects by: SQ4 22 Feb 02:32
Built-in oscillator support in: CWITEC by: elcallio 22 Feb 02:25
As the rush comes (remix) in: Music Cafe by: antto 22 Feb 02:22
What are you playing ?? in: Off Topic by: el-bo (formerly ebow) 22 Feb 02:20
MuLab 8.4.18 (APDC) in: MUTOOLS by: modularreason 22 Feb 02:08


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