Shortcircuit now freeware.

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Post Sun Nov 04, 2007 8:29 am

Vemberaudio have decided to release Shortcircuit, their flagship sampler vsti as freeware. Both the stable 1.1.1 and the alpha of Shortcircuit 2 are available for download. The thread in the Vemberaudio forum with more information about the decision is here.

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Post Sun Nov 04, 2007 8:30 am

:hyper: :love: :party:
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Post Sun Nov 04, 2007 8:47 am

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Post Sun Nov 04, 2007 8:48 am

Very kind of Claes to do this, many many thanks :hyper: :D

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Post Sun Nov 04, 2007 8:50 am

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Post Sun Nov 04, 2007 8:51 am

holy crap! yes!!!!!

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Post Sun Nov 04, 2007 8:52 am

Thank you Vember Audio!
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Post Sun Nov 04, 2007 8:55 am

This is cool but I can't seem to get it to play a note - dragged in a few wavs but maybe I need to do more? anyone got any example patches for it?

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Post Sun Nov 04, 2007 8:59 am

here i am thinking - if he had released SC2 for DC-contest, he would have won. Provided it does whatever SC1 does and more!!

I can't get SC2 to play anthing eitheer. But SC1 works fayeeenne..:love:

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Post Sun Nov 04, 2007 9:00 am


load a sample (load or right click)
go back to the multi (the key mapping screen at start-up)
drag the note on an across the keys that you want to assign it to.

I hope that helps. I've been loving the free version of this sampler for a while now. Oh happy day.

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Post Sun Nov 04, 2007 9:08 am

Word of advice to anyone using SC1 : Put BuzMaxi3 in the end of your signal chain. You'll need it. SC almost blew my speakers when I turned the morph filter up. But saved just in time. :love:

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Post Sun Nov 04, 2007 9:12 am

It's cool that it's gonna be freeware now, I remember playing with the demo & it was a serious sample mangler.
It's a shame that the dev feels that he can't really invest the requisite time & effort to develop version 2 though.

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Post Sun Nov 04, 2007 9:23 am

Thanks for the info !
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Post Sun Nov 04, 2007 9:32 am


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Post Sun Nov 04, 2007 9:32 am

Just downloaded Shortcircuit and I have played around with it just enough to see that this is a cool piece of kit! Thank you very much Vember Audio for your generosity.


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