What software are you really using currently?

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Post Mon Jul 30, 2018 2:16 pm

Been getting into Wavetable in Live 10 and using Soundforge Pro to record my Abyss for building Instrument Racks.

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Re: What software are you really using currently?

Post Mon Jul 30, 2018 2:26 pm

Falcon, Absynth, Massive, Bazille, Serum and Alchemy.
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Re: What software are you really using currently?

Post Mon Jul 30, 2018 5:25 pm

Instruments (I have 7 instrument plugins): almost every project is going to mean some Kontakt is loaded. The exception has been solo guitar, as far as I can recall. The last finished thing used SonicCouture Glassworks, the last few actually; a thing out of Impact Soundworks Emotional Mallets, which isn't mallet anything, it's a bowed pipe or something, a very blown wind sort of effect; and the Spitfire Electric Cello.

Just as regular as that, there will be some VSL. Last one piccolo flute, again; bass flute, again; bottle, out of their Glass Instruments, and several cymbals or tam tams.

And Reaktor Skanner for the first time in a while.

Most things, BFD3.

For the last year Absynth is in... maybe all of it.

NOW I'm using Geosonics by SonicCouture and little if any Absynth, tbt. And the big thing now is VSL Synchron FX Strings I. Which is amazing. It's six sections, Vlns 1 & 2, Vlas high and low, Celli, Dbl Bass. And it's close, mid (2, low and high sections) and a center mono and Decca Tree for the room mic'ing controlled by a mixer in the instrument so there is no call for another mixer for it, just stereo out what it does.

I intended to use Reaktor Kontour for this, but idk.

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Re: What software are you really using currently?

Post Mon Jul 30, 2018 5:45 pm

Matech wrote:Blue2 has taken precedence lately... everyone should try it!
Love Blue2. I have a lot of synths, but this one has always been one of my favs.

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Re: What software are you really using currently?

Post Mon Jul 30, 2018 7:44 pm

For instruments...

Synths: I've mainly been using Zebra and FM8. Depending upon needs and/or for a change of pace, Serum or Diva. But recently I've been finding Zebra and FM8 can get me, say, 95% of the results I want. Adding FM8 really addressed Zebra's FM shortcomings, and it's pretty rare that Zebra can't adequately cover the functionality I want out of Serum or Diva. Of those last two, I use Serum much more often, as it has some nice tricks up its sleeves which complement Zebra.

Samples: BFD3 for drums, and EastWest for acoustic instruments (although not a whole lot recently...mainly been coming to terms with FM, so most other sounds have been taking a nap, so to speak). Reaktor for custom samples.

For effects...

Since I updated Samplitude to the Pro X3 Suite, I've been using its native effects for almost everything. In particular, EQ116 and Am-munition have been getting a lot of love from me, I've barely touched 3rd party plug-ins since the upgrade. Actually, the entire Analog Modeling Suite is really nice. I also like the Vintage Suite, which is primarily delay line effects and filters. I haven't played around too much with the essentialFX, but they have seemed usable at first glance.

For 3rd party effects that I still use or consider essential...

Reverb: 2cAudio Aether and B2. Samplitude's Variverb is nice for low-cpu/composing, but it's no substitute for the aforementioned.

Delay FX: Valhalla Ubermod. Like the Vintage Suite in most functionality, but rolled into a single plugin. It does have a different character and can be much more in your face and extreme. A delightfully wild plugin.

EQ/Compressors: TDR Kotelnikov, Nova, SlickEQ. I still load up an older Ozone/Alloy for preset reference, but I mainly use EQ116 or one of the TDR plugins for actual use.

Distortion: iZotope Trash 2

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Re: What software are you really using currently?

Post Mon Jul 30, 2018 10:53 pm

What I use all the time:

Ableton Live 10 and Digital Performer (I might end up in Reaper in time)

guitar amp sim - Amplitube

EW Play
UVI libraries / Falcon (mostly Falcon for my own sampling)


Ozone 8 Advance / Tonal Balance Control
Certain Nomad Factory plug ins - Puls Tec EQ, LM Amplifier LM-662 etc.
Altiverb 7
PSP Buspresser
IK Qimage
Soundtoys 5

I'm a kitchen sink person though, these are definitely the most commonly used, but I almost never use only these plug ins. XLs, U-He and Arturia synth lines, Cyclops, Diversion etc. etc.

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Re: What software are you really using currently?

Post Mon Jul 30, 2018 11:38 pm


Bitwig / Ableton

Synths/Samplers :

Softube Modular
Geist 2
Sem 2


Plugin Alliance
Universal Audio

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Re: What software are you really using currently?

Post Mon Jul 30, 2018 11:56 pm

I pick different synths and techniques for every tune, but now got used to tweak every track with Izotope Ozone plugins: multiband dynamics and multiband exciter. If a track doesn't sound quite good enough, a little of one or both can always get it right.
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Re: What software are you really using currently?

Post Tue Jul 31, 2018 5:17 am

I own a ridiculous amount of vsts and I try to force myself to cycle through them. That said, I have many that are in almost every song I write.

Valhalla room (on a bus used in almost every track on every song I write)
S1's EQ
Analogic Delay (freeware emulation of logic's delay)
Focusrite Midnight Compressor (of the 30 odd compressors I own, I just like this one the best)
Plug & Mix Digital Reverb (plate setting for drums) and Stereolizer on master fader
Ozone Elements 8
EQuivalate (both on master fader)

Instruments (i own probably 150+ but these are used almost always):
Air Hybrid (the most criminally underrated vst ever made)
Albino 2
Cassetto (for Kontakt)
Battery 3 & 4
S1's Impact
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Re: What software are you really using currently?

Post Mon Mar 25, 2019 9:02 am

We lost much of our highway in the last flood/slides. Turned my twenty minute drive to my studio into a two hour one. So I'm basically using only software these days...

HALion 6
Zebra 2 HZ
Alchemy 1
Pianoteq 6
Analog Lab 3 (Mainly for the Vox organ) and it has got me using more Bazille and Diva too. And looking to pickup Ace maybe. Also still using the MusicLabs but running more through Blue Cat Axiom now.

Also doing the demo thing on many of the newer offerings, but the only thing that has intrigued me enough to keep playing with has been Rob Papen Vecto.

*Add/Edit: Also been on the alternative DAW search. Decided to go as cheap as I could until the decision is made. The ones I'm dealing with are mainly Mixbus, Bitwig and Cubase. All seem stable, but Mixbus turned out to be a DIY in mapping I didn't want to deal with. Bitwig is just the 8 track which feels and works nicely, but it's really more of a two track and the full version has way too many features I don't want or need. Be nice if they had something in-between. The Cubase is just the AI version of 10 and has ended up getting the most use out of all of them. Oddly, I get along with it much more than when I had the 8.5 Pro version.
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Re: What software are you really using currently?

Post Mon Mar 25, 2019 9:29 am

I always try to mix things up and try different combinations and f instruments and effects, mostly just to keep things interesting for myself. But lately I’ve been using the Continuum a lot, looped and overdubbed with Audio Damage Enso, with Valhalla VintageVerb and SoundToys Echoboy as the most common effects.
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Re: What software are you really using currently?

Post Mon Mar 25, 2019 9:41 am

Not much for the past 2 weeks - I’ve spent a lot of time at my piano
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Re: What software are you really using currently?

Post Mon Mar 25, 2019 10:32 am

Waldorf Quantum (software in a different box)
Bitwig Sampler

Bitwig Delay
Valhalla Reverbs

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Re: What software are you really using currently?

Post Mon Mar 25, 2019 11:01 am

Ableton Live 10 : I am a proud Bitwig owner, but I can't seem to myself commit to using it or learning it full time. Ableton 10 is great, i know it's not perfect but it has all the features I like. I think I used Bitwig the most when I sold Ableton a few years back. This was at version 1.x and I found I could get some pretty awesome results.

For crazy modulation I appreciate Bitwig, but Ableton is just more "instant" for me and I can pretty much use it with my eyes closed. I do know my way around the basics of Bitwig, but the interface in Live is more "Minimalist" for me and I like that. I also like the "groove" engine which lets me import custom swing and stuff which I can't seem to get in Bitwig (Maybe I'm not looking hard enough?)

Also at some point I want to buy a Push 2 so using Ableton along with the Push 2 is a very appealing workflow to me.

Bitwig: I use this when I want to use MPE instruments, or it's sampler and synthesizers for weird sonic mangling. So far I've been treating it more as a sonic lab than a DAW as I will often export the clips to use in Ableton. I just like mixing in Live, not sure why.

Dune 3 : I was on the fence over Dune 2 for a long time, but when 3 was released I kind of was half-way off the fence and ready to buy but since I had other synths that did the same thing I wasn't really convinced. I ended up buying a copy off the market place and I'm pretty much convinced that it has a "sound" of it's own that sits nicely along side my other favourites. I love the WT editor in this, it's easy to use and the WT engine doesn't sound razorblade sharp like Serum.

Hive: Hive has been a love/hate affair. I thought when U-he brought this out they were selling out to the EDM crowd :hihi: so I avoided it for a while. Once I demoed it and realized just how versatile this thing was I was sold. With the WT addition it is another Must-have IMO.

Zebra 2: Pretty much a must-have, i love patching in it. As much as I love cable-fests with modulars I like this workflow better for when it comes to actually making music.

Reaktor6: The above are workhorses for most general sounds, but whenever I need something truly different I turn to this masterpiece. It's easily the one I would take to a desert island with even with it's limitations.

Anyhow, lately the above are the ones I tend to use together the most often.

For effects lately, it's been the Unfiltered Audio Plugins in Ableton 10. I love the modulation systems, and the sound quality is actually pretty decent for what you get.

Crusher-X : Can't seem to find other stuff that does quite what Crusher-X does and it's definitely one of my favourite sonic manglers.

I get everything else I need in Live or Bitwig with their included Synths/Fx

Honestly I want to sell off most of what I have and just use the above combinations, but the hassle of waiting to sell stuff in the marketplace is just too much for me.
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Re: What software are you really using currently?

Post Mon Mar 25, 2019 11:09 am

Synths: Softube Modular, Cherry Audio Voltage, NI Reaktor 6, D16 machinedrums.
Channel Strips: Sand, Gold, Titanium, Lime, Amethyst, Pink by Acustica Audio
Comps and EQs listed above by AA, MeldaProduction, Waves, Stillwell and Plugin Alliance.
Go-to-tools: MeldaProduction, Waves, Boz Digital and Plugin Alliance
FXs and reverbs: Audio Damage , Soundtoys, Audiority, Eventide.

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