Kong Audio releases Bian Zhong/Bian Zhong Pro: the Crowning Bells of China

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Kong Audio Releases Bian Zhong: the Crowning Bells of China Sampled Instrument for Windows.


This Bian Zhong (Chime-bells) of ZengHouYi (Marquis Yi of Zeng) virtual instrument is a recreation from the stately bronze Chime-bells set that was played in the palace of the Warring States period of China more than 2,400 years ago.

The excavation of the ZengHouY Bian Zhong Chime-bells set in 1978 in China brought this most complete and immense set of ancient Chinese Chime-bells ever discovered back from history. It revealed the lost oval design of "one bell with two tones." It also goes beyond the Pentatonic Scale and is only one octave less than the modern piano.

ZengHouYi Bian Zhong is one of the official national treasures of China. Now the composers in the world have the chances to use the same Chime-bells that were played in the courts of kings in the early days of Chinese civilization in their compositions.

Kong Audio's Bian Zhong comes in two different versions: Bian Zhong (23 bells) and Bian Zhong Pro (88 bells). Bian Zhong Pro comprises of two different bell sets, 65 and 23 bells respectively. The 65 bells set is the full set, but it's way too heavy, so HuBei Chime-bell Orchestras usually use the 23 bells set for touring most of the time. Of course the 65 bells set sounds much better, but the 23 bells set is good enough as well.


Bian Zhong (23 bells): 49 USD
Bian Zhong Pro (88 bells): 129 USD.

Microsoft Windows. 6 GB RAM. 4 GB disk space (Bian Zhong Pro). 3Ghz CPU. 64-bit VST host sequencers preferred for Bian Zhong Pro. Compatible with FXpansion VST-RTAS Adapter.

For more info and demo tracks, video clips, please visit:

Onsite sampling pictures:

Also available: BZ Bells App for iPad, which is available from here:
Or from the developer's own site:

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Re: Kong Audio releases Bian Zhong/Bian Zhong Pro: the Crowning Bells of China

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Here's a short video clip about our Bian Zhong project:

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