Why are computer VSTs/plugins so much more expensive than iPad apps?

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Post Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:39 am

Numanoid wrote:
Armagibbon wrote:
Numanoid wrote:iPAD Pro now is as powerful, if not more powerful, than a regular desktop computer 5 years ago.
An ARM-something clocked at 2.2GHz is faster than a 5yo desktop?

You're a funny guy!
A quick google brings this info, what so funny about that?

"Benchmarks put iPad Pro’s A9X chip roughly on par with Intel’s 2013 Core i5"

https://www.google.no/search?q=2.26+GHz ... o+intel+i5
A lmgtfy link? Sweet, I'll just go ahead and read through the whole internet to find your quote (not!).

Anandtech has a nice write-up of the capabilities. This is like dual core i3 territory, man.

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