JP8000 supersaw...some questions

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Post Tue Sep 21, 2021 4:50 am

I was bored so I made non-scientific test - ran few synths into one of their good sounding filters (fully open LP), into Pro-Q3 > Valhalla Plate
identical proQ3 and valhalla settings.
8bar loop :)
Zebra, ZebraCM, Diva, Hive, Alchemy and Bazille (not in that order), then last 4 are Zebra, Diva, Hive and Alchemy with as much as technically possible Unison. (Hive 2x16 + sub OSC, Diva 6x stack, Zebra 4x OSC with 11 unison, Alchemy with all 4 OSCs 16x unison)

Snap on envelope enabled where it exists.

Making a supersaw in bazille is a pain in the ass tho.
Hive is the fastest, diva is the 2nd fastest but the 6x stack makes your cpu go :party:

Wish i haven't sold all synths lol, so i could throw so more into the mix :lol:
Not that i need more than 5 flavours of supersaw in my life

edit: changed link, added Zebralette - surprisingly fast and good Supersaw, no filter tho. Last 4 the same.

also here's a supersaw made with Microtonic:

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Post Tue Sep 21, 2021 7:03 am

I wouldn't worry too hard about what sounds the most like the roland. Other than being in a neat package, it was not so special. In all my years of synth diddling, I've never seen a jp8000 used for much more than a live synth. Most of the big saw chords and leads were coming out of Novation stuff back then. I did have one for a short while, but I was able to swap it out for an AN1x and a CS1x which gave me way more mileage. Try V-Station if you want some big ol dirty saws.
If not then you won't beat diva for a software JP8000 supersaw.
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