Dream soft synth?

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Post Sat May 05, 2018 10:56 am

I'm using Monark in a light / sound art installation along with a pair of Sub 37s and, though different beasts, I can safely say the NI synth more than holds its own. As a matter of fact, the Monark basses were supposed to be placeholders for Minitaurs, and (partly for technical reasons), we ended up just keeping the Monarks. They're also doing such solid duty as lead synths in a number of spots that we chose not to midi-out to the Subs - they are just there now for improvised live performances and for show (plus - I get to keep one, and great as the Monark is, may I just say...KNOBS! :hyper: - nice keyboard, too).

Not in keeping with Moog's' character, but would love phase reset for subs with more than one osc especially. TBMK the Minitaurs didn't have it either, though I think an update a few years back may have added hard sync and some other features. In this project almost all my bass patches are single oscillator; for production music I'll often pair something up with Ableton operator (adjustable phase and just all round underrated bass/synth drum beast - serious kicks can be made!). I should check how much of Monark is exposed and just see if that's a Reaktor hack...

Don't know about Legend (I'm sure it's also awesome and has its own character) - point is we could never have done this 10 years ago and gotten this sound. Honestly, my dream would be just a little less CPU hit for all synths, but PC hardware will inevitably catch up, then we'll push it some more...

(BTW - all the synths we're using are Reaktor-based; there's very little that engine can't manage).

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Re: Dream soft synth?

Post Sun May 13, 2018 1:24 pm

I've got several that come really close to a 'dream synth' for me. No complaints and very little that I would add to them.

A couple are from Arturia. The Synclavier V is pretty awesome. I'm also really happy with the Matrix 12 V.

Steinberg's Halion 6 is pretty close to perfect for me, and so is N.I.'s Reaktor.

Lots of really, really good stuff around these days. :tu:

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