How to Change the "User Presets" path for Any Plugin (video toot)

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I posted this in the Effects section because I feel it serves a purpose for Effect plugins as well. Anyway, this is a re-post. Moderators, let me know if I should take either post down.

I don't make video tutorials but I made this one because I think it's actually a real problem solver for all of us that like to backup our files on a regular basis, either manually or by some automatic process. It's a 15 minute video on the use of Symbolic Links. Mac and Unix users are probably more aware of this than Windows users. Odd, I know. The programs I demonstrate are free and they are nothing more than GUI wrappers for the MKLINK command, which makes making a Symlink a little more convenient to use with a mouse.

I use synchronization software to backup the MyDocuments folder, where my personally created User Preset files and paid Preset files are located for some of my plugins. But there are a few oddball plugin developers that choose to make the default "User Presets" directory, the actual installation path of the Sonic Academy's "Kick 2," with no option to change the User Preset path.

While I do use Synchronization software, it's not big deal for me to create Sync path to that folder but doing that for more than one developer clutters the profile task with a bunch of synchronization links. I just like to Sync one folder with EVERYTHING in it.

Spectrasonics is another company where moving the Steam folder for say, Omnishpere isn't just a simple step process. Zebra 2 defaults to installing its presets to the plugin path. I know you can change it but I'd rather leave all functional parameters in the plugin stock. Serum...similar situation when it comes to referencing Wavetables...especially from paid preset packs. You get the idea.

You'll have to excuse the quality of the video. I made it with no intention to put it on here and frankly, I made it mainly as a reference for myself. It was done in one take and I had the AC blasting because it was scorching hot at the time I made it. I tried my best to get rid of the hum and AC sound. Whatever, this video is in no way a reflection of my audio skills. Enough talk...just watch and I hope this serves purposeful for you as it was for me.
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Re: How to Change the "User Presets" path for Any Plugin (video toot)

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