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There's no doubt that they've been working on an RMX update for some time. I'll bet they are making it a complete Rhythm solution though with live kits as well as as advanced loop chopping functions. They gave us a granular waveform view so hopefully they will in RMX successor as well! And they had single hit kits already, so a logical extension would be multi-sampled hits in Kit mode. It'll be another one of those "We've been working on this for 15 years" type products like Keyscape. Every kit imaginable as well as a library of loops. That's my guess. And no I definitely don't think that should be part of Omnisphere, the controls will be pretty different.

For Omni, I mainly would like them to focus on stability and loading times etc. It's been pretty flakey for years. Also I'd lik to see improved filters. This is the only area that I feel Omnisphere is lagging behind almost all of the competition.

2 new things I'd like to see though are MPE and a way to use their hardware mapping features on midi controllers. So for example there could be a list of knob behaviors from the hardware synths, and you could assign that as a midi control, or preferably an automation control. So rather than right-clicking a knob on screen to expose for automation, there is a virtual knob that acts as hardware input. Then you could have a control visible in your DAW, like Ableton, that is the "Synth X mod lfo source" which actually changes the modulation routing in Omnisphere as it would from the hadware synth. So this way our controllers, like Push or Maschine could trigger these controls just like the hardware synths. This is definitely doable, just needs an intermediary control to emulate the messages sent by the hardware. This would give so much power to midi controllers to emulate these cool functions they have built, and would be usable by so many more people.

The idea would be to do what he's doing here, but built in to Omni without the external apps needed (and preferably with automation parameter IDs rather than midi cc's):
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