Think twice before you buy at reFX

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Post Tue Aug 13, 2019 12:07 pm

I had a question, posted a ticket and had a response to my query within the hour yesterday. Excellent support.
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Re: Think twice before you buy at reFX

Post Tue Aug 13, 2019 7:03 pm

I totally feel for the OP on this. Ive had similar experiences with other types of products and it is one of the most frustrating and infuriating things to experience to be sure. Personally id been looking at Nexus2 for a while but always stopped short of buying a license mainly due to that stupid dongle requirement and refx horrendous customer service reputation. Therefore I recently bought a 2nd hand license for Lethal with all 24 expansions for about $100. Now certainly they have far fewer expansions vs Nexus and maybe Nexus has a slight edge in quality of sounds but for me this was a no brainer vs paying MUCH more and having to worry about that dongle and refx bad support.

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Re: Think twice before you buy at reFX

Post Tue Aug 13, 2019 7:26 pm

According to a post on Facebook today, VPS Avenger is reportedly also going require a dongle starting with version 2.0.

A post from Manuel on Facebook:

« some important news:

Unfortunately the appearance of recent warez really hurt us hard. Using NOT the elicenser protection for VPS Avenger was a bold decision we made, listening to all those customers, who want to travel with their laptops, or dont want to plug a dongle permanently in general - but finally it turned out it was the wrong decision. Now we basically have to start from zero again. Its sad, that nowadays you are forced to do such protection measures, but unfortunately thats the world. I had a long talk with Rene and different solutions were on the table and I want to be completely honest here with you guys: One of them was, that version 1.5. becomes dongle protected and therefore NOT a free update. But since we already told you, that it will be free for our customers, we will stick to this promise - although the circumstances have changed. Version 1.5.X (+following bugfixes) will be the last bigger free update for Avenger with new content. It will contain the guitar module, a free XP, new analog filters, new skin, new factory library stuff and much much more. After this, I am sad to say, that it will be impossible for us to continue the way we did so far. We were happy, that we could spend the last 2 years mainly working on fun stuff, such as bringing you new features and sounds - but as the situation is now, much time is needed to maintain the copy protection. It will start with Avenger 2.0, which has to be a paid update (no price set yet) and will introduce (beside new features) the eLicenser dongle again, which was the only 100% secure mechanism for us yet: Our Dongle protected plugins were never cracked in any way. It will take quite a long time and effort to switch to the new protection system, so dont expect this update anytime soon. Furthermore each license key for the elicenser will cost money, so the update can't obviously be free. Updates after 2.0 will be free of charge again of course.

I know that some of you may not want to do the change to version 2.0 then, because they want no dongle, but unfortunately we have no other choice at the moment. They can of course still stick to their 1.5.x which will get bugfixes if necessary. There already have been more free updates and features for Avenger, than other products get in their entire lifetime. So no need to complain about sticking to 1.5.x. since its a fully fledged Avenger.

There was a similar situation with Nexus 1 > 2 if someone remembers.

Thanks to all loyal and nice people here in this group, who accompanied us so far!

Once it is 100% sure again (with v2.0), that only our customers who paid have acces to it, we will continue to make gifts in form of free sounds or new features. Looking forward to it!

I would strongly advise not to use any illegal XPs, especially not with your legit versions...

As some may have read, we planned to move our older plugins to a non-dongle protected system, but atm this plan is no longer valid obviously.

ps: only thing which could make us move away from the dongle plan would be, that 1.5.0 (which will get some copy protection fixes) will be secure and uncracked during the year of development for 2.0. »

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Re: Think twice before you buy at reFX

Post Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:32 pm

I don't blame em man, who wants their stuff cracked? But OP seems to be done wrong, a better costumer service always help you in the long run

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Re: Think twice before you buy at reFX

Post Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:55 pm

what is manuel talking about? hope it will be the ilok and NOT the steinberg elicenser... i don't have one of those... don't have anything that ever needed it and certainly DO NOT wish to buy one JUST for Avenger.

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Re: Think twice before you buy at reFX

Post Thu Aug 15, 2019 12:11 am

I had an arguement with them about some of the vengeance plugins when my dongle died, they wanted it sent over etc, and I point blank refused, it's not a problem for Steinberg for zero down time, and they have their own records (Vengeance / Keilworth) so this basic refusal to renew the licenses is a joke, they are legally oblidged to replace them, as the replacement of the dongle is your responsibility , and once you've done that, they have no excuse not to.

What could do they do with a broken dongle anyway ? Nothing. It's just lies and them being stupid. One thing that really p!sses me of about them, even though I like their stuff. Shape up Vengeance/refx , people don't deliberately break their dongles and you've no right to make authorising a new one a problem.
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