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Post Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:23 pm

OffBeater wrote:
Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:40 pm
They don't realy whant new customers it seems
... they even dont want their old customers:
i was waitin some weeks for their answer, that they reject a full documentation for halion-instruments ... there would be "too many updates" they really told me :dog: ... they believe in their politics (quality management would be a cost - for others) ...
Got another answer from support after 4 days, still it goes in circles, not solving my problem, I even provided a screendump from my original order and asked them just to solve the problem whatever it is

Still with the 50 pct from the original deal off course

But no help, just referring to that "now the deal is over", and giving another mail-address that I could use if I would follow the case any further. But it's about time that this Kafka-like procces comes to an end, and I am sure it leads nowhere.

So fact is:

1. Don't count on the deals that is offered
2. Don't count on the support helping out when their own system fails, or something got messed up
3. Don't count on support at all obviously
4. I you are "lucky" and you order is actually getting done, you can be sure to get no help from the "community" as a rookie, or what so ever level, in the long run, becourse there really is nothing going on, taking a look around on the board I feel sorry for all the unanswered posts.

On the possitive side, though I am obviously disappointed, guess I was actually lucky after all, not getting further involved and started using my time working my way into what seems to be a deadend :)

Guess I will put the hole sampler-choice on rest for a while, as for now I don't really see anything appealing

But still, life is good, have a nice day out there :phones:

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