One Synth Challenge #129: Lith by Soda Devices (Voting Time!)

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Post Thu Nov 28, 2019 2:12 pm

Afro Lith Sunset

Do the four-step dance with this.
1) put left foot forward
2) put left foot back
3) put right foot forward
4) put right foot back

The versatility of Lith is amazing.

12 tracks for 12 Lith synth, 12 presets used.

Produced in Ableton Live with its delays, equalizers and reverb.
Plus "Max 1" freeware on master.
NUSofting : Peti Modelonia Sinnah

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Re: One Synth Challenge #129: Lith by Soda Devices

Post Thu Nov 28, 2019 5:24 pm

Leonard Bowman wrote:
Wed Nov 27, 2019 9:39 am
Oorlab wrote:
Tue Nov 26, 2019 1:06 pm
Do you have an example of a music piece in which I could hear it's effect?
One good example & comparison would be Gleam, by Sevish. It's originally in 22edo, but he made a version in our standard 12edo. (Original Microtonal Version) (Not Microtonal Version)
It's not to everyone's liking, and certainly if this is your first experience with microtonality the original version may seem rather unpleasant and jarring. That goes away pretty quickly.
I like microtonality because there are lots of stable and consonant intervals and chords that fall between the keys of a standard piano. It's hard to explain briefly so I'm not going to try here. If you're interested in learning more, The Xenharmonic Wiki is a great place to start. Also, feel free to PM me on KVR. I'm happy to share my notes and resources from a year or so of exploring this territory.
SodaDevices wrote:
Tue Nov 26, 2019 9:51 pm
I haven't collected any information about micro-tuning yet.
However, I'll add it in the future.

It's almost time for the end of the month, but there are new features.
A "Random" function was added.
Micro-tuning generally involves loading a .TUN or .SCL and .KBM file and mapping MIDI notes to the listed frequencies.
If you want to see it in a (free) VST, Surge has a pretty good implementation, as does Zyn.

also :wheee: I LOOOOVE randomization in synths!
Oh, thank you :D
I'll do my best to check it out soon.
Also I'm glad you used the random function.

That video is a good example.

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Re: One Synth Challenge #129: Lith by Soda Devices

Post Fri Nov 29, 2019 10:10 am

First time posting so I hope this is the right place for OSC submissions. ... n-osc-lith

15 tracks for 15 Lith instances. Made in Reaper.

Lith is a great synth, I'm glad I decided to finally do an OSC submission with this month's synth.

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Re: One Synth Challenge #129: Lith by Soda Devices

Post Fri Nov 29, 2019 8:54 pm

My Lith entry. I struggled with Lith for a little while but it ultimately turned out to be a fairly easy to use, though a little quirky at times, very good sounding synth.

34 Instances in Logic Pro X
Logic reverbs, EQ, compressors
ADHD Leveling tool and OTT (!!!) and Logic Adaptive Limiter on mix bus

Shout out to The Never Scene for throwing me some last minute advice that was very helpful!

Daaf 81
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Re: One Synth Challenge #129: Lith by Soda Devices

Post Fri Nov 29, 2019 10:59 pm

My submission for this month. Really fun synth to create sounds from scratch. I like the versatile modulation options. My last 2 submissions both had comments about repetitiveness so I tried to work on this a bit. For me this is a challenge because I tend to get "stuck in the loop" a lot. I like to create sounds more than arranging, but it's an area I will try to keep improving on. Most of all, I had a lot of fun this month!

DAW: Reaper
Synth: 10x Lith
VST: ReaEQ, ReaXcomp, JS Master Limiter, JS Stereo Enhancer, JS RBJ Stereo Image Filter, JS Moog 4 Pole Filter, Oleg Sharonov Twin Delay, Cloud Seed Algorithmic Reverb, Orilriver. ... da-devices

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Re: One Synth Challenge #129: Lith by Soda Devices

Post Sat Nov 30, 2019 5:54 am

My entry. Something different :D

3 Liths
Ableton fx:
4 eq
5 compressors
2 Utilities
2 Limiters
1 Reverb
2 Ddelays

1 Loudmax
1 Oril River

I really like this synth! Neat way of doing modulations and very interesting sounds easily created. Great job and thanks to sodaDevices :tu:

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Re: One Synth Challenge #129: Lith by Soda Devices

Post Sat Nov 30, 2019 9:15 am

Hi, here's my first OSC entry ( and first electronic production to
sneak out into the world, at that ). ... nightlight

Made using REAPER, containing:

35 instances of Lith on 21 tracks.

1 square lead ( distorted sine, really )
1 track with assorted mutually exclusive sharpish FM leads
1 sax-like FM lead
2 very simple nearly sines
2 bell-like FM sounds
1 track with assorted mutually exclusive mallet-like FM sounds
4 mutually exclusive saw pads
8 percussicve sounds
edit: forgot the bass line, it has one of those too.

and 2 instances of Ambient Reverb 4.3 by Stone Voices. ( really only one,
but I wanted to pan early- and late reflections differently.)

edit: also forgot the 2 instances of BlueARP by Graywolf.

All this was made using headphones, and I can only hope it translates and
withstands the harsh lith of your criticism ;)

Very likeable synth, I really had fun working with it . Nice modulation system,
though a bit fiddly. Nice FM/RM possibities ( can't have enough of those as far
as I'm concerned ). Overall good sound, also without FX, and can do a lot of
different sounds. Making one song only scratches the surface. Only minor bugs.
So, a definite +1 to SodaDevices for Lith !
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Re: One Synth Challenge #129: Lith by Soda Devices

Post Sat Nov 30, 2019 11:11 am

Here's my first time entry: ... st-evening

This is my first time really digging into a synth like this, so I don't have much of a perspective for comparison, but I quite liked Lith. I was impressed by the ease of modulating the sounds to produce (most of) the effects I was looking for. If there's a way to combine the envelopes in an additive way, I didn't quite work it out. (Instead, I wrote a little plugin script to fire two short notes in rapid succession with CC events to achieve the toad sound I wanted.)

DAW: Reaper

Lith x14

ReaEQ x14
JS: Master Limiter x1
JS: MIDI Transpose Notes x1
JS: MIDI Arpeggiator x1
JS: MIDI Velocity and Timing Humanizer x1
JS: MIDI Delay x3

custom JSFX plugin x1 (simple MIDI preprocessor)

Panagement 2 x13
mvMeter2 x1

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Re: One Synth Challenge #129: Lith by Soda Devices

Post Sat Nov 30, 2019 12:32 pm

DAW: FL Studio 20.5.1
Author/composer/producer: VCA-089
Title: Replicant City
Genre: Synthawave
BPM: 80
Key: A Major

FLAC version: ... jB5amTPkt4

Here is my set of ideas for this round. Not to say I wasn't inspired to make music. I've just occasionally started making my first album. It is a little pity that I didn't spent more time with Lith because it is a very interesting synth with great potential. Literally, this composition was made within two days, or may be even less. Inspired by an old movie we all know (probably) which actions starting in November 2019.

Hope you enjoy it and good luck!

Technical information:


27x Soda Audio "Lith"

Native Effects:

x1 Balance
x5 Parametric EQ 2
x1 Stereo Enhancer
x2 Delay 3
x5 Reeverb 2
x1 Wave Candy
x1 dB Meter
x2 Patcher

VST Effects:

x1 Sonimus "SonEQ"
x9 TDR & VoS "SlickEQ"
x1 TAL "Filter-1"
x8 VoS "FerricTDS"
x2 VoS "DensitymkIII"
x8 AdHd "Leveling Tool"
x1 TDR "Kotelnikov"
x1 TDR "Nova"
x3 VoS "epicVerb"
x1 VoS "NastyDLAmkII"
x11 Gareckon "MIDI Polysher"

Master Chain:

TDR Nova
Limiter No6

No samples...


x27 Generators
x66 Effects
x43 MIDI patterns
x25 Mixer tracks
No audio...
x13 Automation clips
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Re: One Synth Challenge #129: Lith by Soda Devices

Post Sat Nov 30, 2019 3:15 pm

Entry ... -osc-lith2

14 instances in Live 10 with Compressors, Delays, Saturator, EQ8, Limiter, Auto Pan/Filter.
3rd party: OTT, Tal-Reverb-4, OriRiver Reverb, Dragonfly Reverb, TDR Nova

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Re: One Synth Challenge #129: Lith by Soda Devices

Post Sat Nov 30, 2019 3:22 pm

My system can't handle more than 4 instances of this synth :-(
So I can't join this month :-(
Looking forward to next month and the next synth! :-)
Good luck everyone.

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Re: One Synth Challenge #129: Lith by Soda Devices

Post Sat Nov 30, 2019 7:08 pm

Here is my entry, details will follow (in the next few days) :-D ... ine-osc129

This time I'm very late due to university projects :hyper:

DAW: Reaper

VSTi: x14 Lith

x1 Unlimited (Sonic Anomaly)
x1 TAL Reverb II
x1 TAL Reverb III
x2 TAL Reverb 4
x3 TAL Filter 2
x1 Sanford Reverb
x2 S.LA.X
x4 Orilverb
x2 Leet Delay
x1 Ferric TDS
x1 TAL Dub delay
x2 Dimension Plus
x1 Density MK2

and some more REA FX and JS FX by Reaper.

Ask me anything if you have any curiosity
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Re: One Synth Challenge #129: Lith by Soda Devices

Post Sat Nov 30, 2019 9:38 pm

I enjoyed Lith a lot, but the CPU hit made it difficult to get a good feel for what noises it was actually making, and what crackling was just the result of an overworked computer. To wit: I'm pretty sure a terrible crackle snuck into my final mix. To be fair, I also forgot that November only has 30 days.
Anyway, a lot of fun, and I can't wait to listen to what everybody did. ... je-osc-129

21 instances of Lith. Snare and kick drum are layered instances.
Limiter No. 6 x 2 (on one master)
Dragonfly Hall Reverb x 4
MAutoPan x 1
ReaEQ x 21 (1 on master)
MCompressor x 1
ReaComp x 2
ReaXComp x 2 (1 on master)
Transpire x 2 (one bypassed, but it's in the project file, so...)
YouLean Loudness Meter

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Re: One Synth Challenge #129: Lith by Soda Devices

Post Sat Nov 30, 2019 10:10 pm

My entry ... c-129-lith

LIve 10
DAW fx (convolution reverb, compressor, delay, eq8)
About 8 instances.
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Re: One Synth Challenge #129: Lith by Soda Devices

Post Sun Dec 01, 2019 1:13 am ... nese-women

15x Lith, an amazing synth.

edit: Tracktion 7
ReaEQ, ReaXComp, ReaJS > Stereo Enhancer, NastyVCS, TDR Nova, Leet Delay 2, Orilriver, Gclip, Aradaz Maximizer, Unlimited
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