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Post Mon Nov 01, 2021 2:36 pm

cyrb wrote:
Sun Oct 31, 2021 1:49 pm

alright, some rules just for you guys:

- follow the money
- use a blind fold and earplugs when producing
- completely avoid any and all forms of music theory
- use midi wizard
- pay people to mix and master your music
- use nothing but premium nexus 3 and omnisphere sound sets, and gratuitous loopmaster packs
- buy youtube/soundcloud views/subs/comments
- delete all comments that aren't echo chamber praise, don't let anyone who doesn't like your song have a voice

you are now mozart and don't let anyone tell you different. :clown:
Ha ha ha. I realize the sarcasm although even those rules would put you somwhere. Plenty of artists have created impelling, good art by breaking or ignoring the rules IMO. If no one had ever broken any rules music would very standardized and probably boring. Besides who’s rules are we discussing (classical -diff periods, jazz, disco, gamelan, Northrn Indian classical…)? So, you can gently push your rules up somewhere dark.
This is not to say that in part i agree with some of you comments on “dumbing down” so much software that anybody can whack out cookie cutter molded boring crap. IMO But that doesn’t make that music irrelevant to some people.

As for a blindfold i think it works to turn off the screen for critical listening on again MO.
Recommend to at least try.

Oops something OT: overrated and underrated are tough to discern. We all have different tastes and needs. All the software coming out with a fanfare and all kinds of hype and bs are overated :)
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