Released my remote collaboration plugin BeatConnect!

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Post Mon Feb 22, 2021 3:18 pm

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Just wanted to drop a note and say after a year's work I finally released BeatConnect! All my music buddies live far away so I built this so that we could jam and make beats whenever. It’s pretty simple, just put it on your master channel, connect, and start making fire beats with your friends. The beauty of this approach is that you can all use your usual DAWs and VSTs. Samples can be dragged in and out no problem, and there’s cloud project saving/loading so you don’t even need to be online at the same time, just pop it open whenever to add your parts.

Of course this is just the beginning, I’m currently working on adding stuff like being able to add notes and comments to samples, integrating a text and video chat, and a few other east-of-use features that should probably be live in a month max. My ultimate vision for this is “Discord for music”, so that we can all as easily as possible jump in and out of tracks, meet new people, share samples and instruments, make music, and anything else useful for collaboration. The shared VST feature I have as a proof of concept is killer and it's going to be awesome when I finally finish it.

Try it and send me feedback! I want to make this awesome and I doubt I'm the only one with good ideas, so fire away. Cheers guys

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