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Post Wed Apr 07, 2021 4:15 pm

There's the LARGO version. Ill try to make some actual sounds then I'll upload that to the Largo patch bank area in a day or two.


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Post Thu Apr 08, 2021 9:00 am

david.beholder wrote:
Wed Apr 07, 2021 3:49 pm
I'm not sure did anybody mentioned but saws are changing shape like this because of phase rotation (say allpass filter)
Say again? Sounds interesting.

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Post Fri Apr 09, 2021 11:50 am

OK I broke Waldorf Pulse's Crossmod. Took about a week, and I don't own one. Thanks to the people who responded with helpful tips in this thread!

This info is from the Waldorf Pulse and Pulse 2 manuals and an SOS interview with Wolfram** when Pulse came out.

- There is at least one other non-Pulse-owner person out there that wants to create Pulse XOR sounds in another synth.
- There may be errors (this is a best effort).



Rote & Understanding:

Waldorf Pulse "Crossmod" is a misnomer.

Waldorf Pulse Crossmod is a unique waveform created by the XOR combination/calculation of two pulse waves.*

Since pulse waves are binary, an XOR calculation is possible. This is in reference to the waveform, not the oscillator itself. The audio path in Pulse / Pulse 2 is 100% analog.

The clock/control pulse signal of another audio oscillator will be combined with clock/control pulse signal of OSC 2.
An XOR calculation will be performed, and a new control signal is generated.
The new control signal is sent to OSC2 to render / play.
OSC2's audio waveform may be independently pulse width modulated.
OSC2's audio waveform may be independently SYNCed to OSC3's clock.

Redundant info:
OSC 1 or 3's audio waveform selection is irrelevant to the XOR combination/calculation with OSC 2. Only the pulse shaped on/off clock signals are considered.
OSC 1 and 3's audio waveform(s) is/are sent to the audio mixer, unchanged.
OSC 2's XORed, and/or PWMed, and/or SYNCed audio is sent to the mixer.

It is known that ring modulating two pulse waves (on/off) is mathematically identical to XORing them.

Therefore, if you have access to ring modulation on your synth, and two pulse waves, you can replicate Pulse's XOR abilities.

Comparing the actual audio: ultimately this has to be done by a Pulse owner with a good monitoring setup. I am not that person haha (no Pulse here)!
In the mean time I just choose to make nasty noises.

But there is an MP3 demo of Pulse on the Waldorf website under Legacy Hardware though.

I am still in the process of getting enough cool sounds in LARGO before uploading a bank. I probably will for DUNE 3 also. Will advise.

* XOR is "Exclusive Or" in Boolean logic. Look up "XOR Gate" on Wiki.

**corrections are solicited

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