Free 'Ambient Voices' for Zampler.

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Some free 'vocal/choir' patches for anyone using Zampler.
You can download them here and there's a quick demo video. ... mpler.html (

I'm developing a set of 'essential sounds' for Zampler as there doesn't seem to be much in the way of a freeware Rompler anymore. Sample Science Player doesn't seem to be around anymore and SampleTank 4 CS has some great sounds but free version isn't that comprehensive.

Maybe for beginners and people using entry level or freeware platforms such as Soundbridge that don't come with many/any ready to use sounds.

Search 'Zampler' at my site and you should find all the 'sets' that make up the collection. 80+ patches now available, aiming for 128.

Once they're complete, I'll 'collate' them into a single blog post/download.

Here's the direct link to the Youtube demo video.

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