Having trouble creating a nice bass guitar

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Post Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:29 pm

I own Komplete 12 standard edition, EWQL Complete Composers Collection, Arturia collection, some Cubase 10 Pro vsts, and some u-he synths. I've been messing around so much with the various bass guitar vsts I have plus using guitar rig 5 on them and haven't been able to produce a decent bass guitar sound.

I'm wanting very prominent, deep bass that's clean. No string/strumming/picking noises that are characteristic of lots of the bass guitar vsts. A great example of what I'm going for is Tame Impala's music, specifically Currents.

If anyone has some advice, or could get me started in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it! :)

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Re: Having trouble creating a nice bass guitar

Post Thu Jun 13, 2019 4:19 am

Wow, you've got a lot of plug-ins. If your u-he synths include Repro, there's a nice little tutorial on making a bass guitar sound here (first 4 minutes):

Lots of transferrable techniques in this series, even if you don't have it.

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Re: Having trouble creating a nice bass guitar

Post Thu Jun 13, 2019 4:56 am

I don’t know your skills, but I would start ”creating a nice bass track” by the bass line itself, listening good music, whatever your genre is, and putting effort for impressive melodies, counterpoints/harmonies, rather than bass sound.

Sound/recording techniques are important, but better a good bass line with a modest sounds, than an unmusical bass arr, which is soundwise excellent.

I personally use both real bass with DI and bass plugins.
Plugins I use are:

Bass vst:
- Scarbee Rick
- IK Modo Bass

Amp plugins:
-Overloud Mark Studio 2
IK Ampeg SVX

Heavy compressing, type API 2500
Bass enhancer, type Kush Reddi
Sometimes Waves Bass Rider


Depends genre, if subbass needed, Bx Subsynth

The who synth scene by creating bass gives endlesly options. Unison bass lines with el.bass or even cello/contra bass, etc.

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Re: Having trouble creating a nice bass guitar

Post Thu Jun 13, 2019 6:00 am

Short of buying a bass guitar and learning it, you would probably do best with a good sampled bass guitar.

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Re: Having trouble creating a nice bass guitar

Post Sat Jun 15, 2019 2:16 am

I made a good bass guitar sound on Synth1. It's a saw wave with low cutoff and an envelope on the filter at lower than 100%. You can adjust the filter attack to get a tuba or horn sound out of it.
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Re: Having trouble creating a nice bass guitar

Post Sat Jun 15, 2019 2:33 am

Using a string synth, such as Sakura, can get you a good basic bass sound, without the stuff you don’t want. An additive or hybrid synth can do it too but isn’t as easy. I’d avoid a sampled instrument as they usually have the extra sounds for realism, You can, however, minimise, or even remove, picking, finger noise etc. with a combination of gate, eq or transient or envelope shaper. It’s a hassle though.

You can then feed it through a channel strip with saturation to customise the sound. Voxformer is good at this, as is DDMF’s but there are many others, depending on saturation preference. For dirt/distortion, D16, Audio Damage and Ohm Boyz have a selection which work nicely on bass and fit any budget. I still like Predatohm. FabFilter’s Saturn is also great at the pricier end.

Finally Lowender is a nice effect to beef up the sound.
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