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Post Sun Oct 24, 2021 3:10 am

Well, -here is the story so far...

You see, -initially I had intended to do this in Mathematica, but I was told so many times over, and over, and over, again to use C, that I got around to it finally.

And what a good language it is!


I have now written (partially, at least) an algorithm which changes a number from binary, then, -to base ten, multiples the number by a multiplier, converts the number to any number base of your choice between 2 and 36, reverses that character string, converts it back into base ten, then converts the "thus mangled" number back into base two (binary).

I need to apply this algorithm to audio, so supposedly I need to make a *.wav file into an array, then to use a for loop to apply the algorithm to the elements of the array?

I may need some help with this, so I thought that I could start with a simple example of changing a *.wav into an array, and applying a function to it whereby it squares the array's element's/numbers, then converts this "thus mangled by squaring" array back to a *.wav.

Of course I would then have to import this back into Audacity and listen to the mangled results!

I may need to private message some of the respondents to this post so that I can get this algorithm running in C and (NOT Mathematica).

(I may need to access C libraries and to alter their code for this...).

Do any of you kind, nice people care to help me with this base converting, digit reversing, *.wav mangling algorithm?

Please advise,


:) :wink: 8)

Mr. S R U.

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Post Sun Oct 24, 2021 4:09 am

Get a library which handles that for you. Juce is a popular choice here on KVR.

Or, someone made a list for you:
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