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The bass drone synth enters at 0:02 and provides deep bass notes throughout the song. It has a hypnotizing, growling characteristic. The initial bass note is E1, but to me it sounds much deeper than that. Is another note being played? Also, is this a Prophet VS sound? I know DS used a VS on that album, but the bass drone doesn't seem to have digital characteristics.

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It's hardly Prophet VS. The album was almost finished when Prophet VS was released. That kind of drone could be done by anything with some effects on top. But it was Prophet 5.
We worked on 24-track tape via a Harrison console. The monitors were pretty horrid…’ Once ‘Before The Bullfight’s’ structure had been laid down to tape (in this case with Jansen’s drums – no bass guitar would feature on this track) Sylvian would also sometimes add a guide vocal. Wheatley: ‘I recall at the beginnings of the tracking for several songs that the first track would just be a long swirling guide pad from the Prophet V. It would last up to eight minutes or so, and I would punch into record – drift off to sleep (we worked long hours!) – and Steve would jab me in the ribs to wake me up just in time to punch out the vocals at the right moment. After a while, it got to a stage where when things took a really long time I would go and hang out in the kitchen for long periods until I was needed.’ After a few weeks Nye and Sylvian decamped to The Manor in Oxfordshire, home to the birth of Tin Drum some five years earlier.

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This makes it really basic to get something similar but small piece by small piece.
You could throw all of this in a granular synth/fx etc but it will get you something close.
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