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Post Mon Feb 15, 2021 11:04 am

About 4 years ago wife wanted me to connect rechargable wireless headphones (RCA input) to her cheap Walmart LCD TV. TV did not have any line output or headphone output, but it did have optical and coax spdif digital audio output. I could have bought a $20 or $30 consumer digital converter, but had an old motu 2408 rack brain I don't lately use, and it had front-panel programmable built-in converters between spdif, aes, TDIF, and analog, so saved $30 by using the (originally $1200) 2408 box to connect her wireless headphone transmitter to the TV. :)

If there is a moral to the tale, perhaps it is "never throw away any old gear". :)

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Post Mon Feb 15, 2021 11:50 am

yet another way - long ago I had a dictaphone that also had an accessory that was inductive microphone meant to record telephone calls. Close enough to any speaker is enough, in this case phones before mobile phones basically and you got other end in ear speaker as well as your own voice.

It does not pick up from the room, only magnetic fields from speakers.
And it could be place inside tv with a cord out to record. Just some adhesive tape/glue or something close enough to speaker. And not electrically connected either. But on, or close to, the speaker coil+magnet should contain all frequencies and make up a good recording, if a good such inductive mike.

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