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Post Fri Dec 08, 2017 2:27 am

Hi so I finally figured out that one needs a midi track pointed at an audio track to midi control Turnado. But I want to play a synth on the instrument track with my controller while simultaneously moving the dictator in Turnado. However if I select the midi track I can control Turnado but not the synth and if I select the instrument I can control the synth but not Turnado. Any solution?

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Re: Midi learn Turnado

Post Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:44 am

Hi Livemike,

it depends a bit on the DAW you are using...

E.g. in Cubase, basically you have to plugin Turnado as an insert effect on your synth track, create a MIDI track and choose Turnado as Output in the I/O Menu of the Mixer. Then activate record on that MIDI track only.

In Logic use Turnado as MIDI Controlled FX. Pick it up on an Instrument Track and choose it from the MIDI Controlled FX list in the Plugins menu (in the instrument slot not in the insert fx slot). In the Sidechain menu in the upper right corner, select the Audio track or Bus that you want to use with Turnado. Please note that audio tracks and busses will be listed only. So since you have an instrument track, create a BUS from the 'Stereo Out' slot of your instrument track. This bus will be available for sidechaining in Turnado. ;-) Then set the volume of the AUX channel to 0.

Hope this helps!


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