Sugar Bytes makes GREAT products.

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Post Wed Jul 17, 2019 6:25 am

I just purchased 'Factory' I am blown away by it (and I've been playing synths, virtual instruments way back to ARPS and MOOGS. I love your 'Browser". You guys obviously spent a lot of time in creating it. I had an app years ago, a Visual theosaurus, which was quite unique which used the same principal to find the word you were looking for. You have built upon that to make a very unique, intuitive, and easy way to find the sound you are looking for. It's actually quite fun to use, and the ability to add your own sounds, and tags to find them is a huge +

It will take me a while to totally master Factory's modulation matrix. Again you take a very complex, operation, and boil it down to something easy to use. BRILLIANT. Factory is a virtual instrument I will spend a lot of time exploring and using.

Your Demo is very generous, and lets the potential customer get a very good idea if it is something he will really be into.

Your 'bundle' of all your products for registered users offers a huge amount of potential. It's REFRESHING to find a company that makes great products.

I put you in the category of UVI, and A.I.R technology of great products, well designed, and a company that really cares about its customers.

Thanx.. - Mark Styles

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Re: Sugar Bytes makes GREAT products.

Post Wed Jul 17, 2019 6:57 am

My only criticism of Sugar Bytes is that their products usually receive no attention after they've been released. They focus on the new, and that has lead to function overlap between quite a few of their pluggies. They don't evolve, which is too bad... a synth like Factory, fantastic as it is, does have room for improvement. The sound engine, for example, because it lacks brilliance to my ears.

Otherwise, yeah, great and creative and eminently usable products. Where would I be without Turnado?

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