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Post Wed Aug 14, 2019 11:27 am

I really love Turnado but the factory presets are ... how do i say that diplomatically ... they are a bit over the top. Everytime I throw a factory preset on a track or a group it just sounds like polka on LSD :ud: ... i know that the factory presets were made by glitch musicians and experimental artists :wink:

I'm afraid that a lot of people could overlook the potential of that fantastic effect when checking the demo version and switching through the factory presets. A year ago I recommended a friend to check out the demo and all he answered was "that thing is too wild for me". I think Turnado is a fantastic tool for making build-ups and breaks.

Yesterday I saw this thread: viewtopic.php?f=108&t=518904
... and so I thought I share some of my presets that have worked well on different material.

Every Turnado user is invited to share some presets. Maybe we can put together a small bank that could be included in one of the next updates (if the devs like the idea).

instant build-up:
-------------------- ... .sbtg?dl=0

... this preset works great on techno beats, other straight electronic beats and drum groups around 120 bpm (not always but surprisingly often). Move up the Dictator ... instant build-up :hyper:

simple 1/4 volume stutter:
--------------------------------- ... .sbtg?dl=0

... simple but effective!

break maker:
---------------- ... .sbtg?dl=0

... creates nice breaks on electronic beats around 120 bpm.

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Post Sun Apr 12, 2020 6:30 pm

Hey I caught this from a google search. Didn't know you referenced my original post.

I ended up diving into Turnado and creating my own preset of some basic utility FX for performance. The stuff you would see on a DJ mixer: hi-pass/lo-pass filters, reverb/delay, with some Roland SP-series inspired choices like reverse, tapestop. and looping. Enjoy. ... .sbtg?dl=0

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