DrumComputer MIDI pattern import or "live" note recording?

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Post Thu Aug 13, 2020 3:18 pm

I recently downloaded the demo of DrumComputer and was very impressed with the range of creative and highly dynamic sounds it can produce. Wow!

Given my personal workflow, the lack of one feature is making me hesitate: the ability to record a sequence by playing it in live via MIDI, or the ability to import a basic already-recorded MIDI sequence. Are there any plans to add such a feature in the near future?

DrumComputer's sequencer is amazing, and I love its editing and manipulation capabilities. However, I sometimes come up with initial rhythm ideas while tinkering with drums "live" on my keyboard. My current approach for getting them into DrumComputer would be:

1) record them live while playing them into my DAW, so that I have a visual representation of the rhythm in the piano roll or drum editor, and then

2) manually copy the rhythm into DrumComputer note-by-note using the mouse

If it were easier to get those initial "recorded live" ideas into DrumComputer, and then manipulate and expand them within the program using its various inspiring tools, that would help me to stay in the creative groove. Even if the import feature had certain limitations, such as being limited to 1 or 2 bars, it would be helpful.

(By the way, I see that DrumComputer already has the ability to *export* MIDI, which is helpful, too.)

Thanks for your consideration!

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