Consequence cannot find presets 'SOLVED'

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Post Fri Feb 12, 2021 2:58 pm

Consequence will not work without me setting the presets path.
This is on mac os big sur.
I know the path. It's in my personal documents folder.
I can go to the path through the Consequence presets menu, but everything is grayed out.
It does not allow me to set the path this way.
This is a new install on a new computer.
I tried various things, like deleting certain files associated with Consequence and then reinstalling.
I tried SugarBytes support, but they never got back to my reply, but did answer my initial support request. No support offered fixed the issue.

* The solution to this issue is to make sure to download the extra associated presets pack. There is the Consequence download, but it won't find the presets without the separate presets download.

There should be only one download. Don't understand why there is two.

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