Sugar Bytes Guitarist: Can The Most Versatile Strum Engine Ever Be Improved? Here's how. Just some of me suggestions

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Firstly, to qualify my appreciation, I own DOZENS of guitar libraries (including ALL of the Ample Sounds, Ujam, Acoustic Samples, Native Instruments, Music Lab, Impact Soundwroks libraries) and can say without a doubt, from my experience, no other strum engine is as versatile as the subject of this post. But, as great as it is, it can certainly benefit from an update: Dear Sugar Byte team, if you're reading and care, I GREATLY appreciate your devotion to quality and I don't take lightly the efforts it takes to produce such amazing work, and wish you'd consider some humble recommendations: firstly, it would be amazing if you'd employ a more detailed sample set using the 3 instruments included (adding adjustable release, sympathetic resonance, slide, pop, slap, and fret samples or models) with a wider velocity range and added a couple of acoustic guitars (Martin and Taylor?) and an ES-335. There is also a bug that carries over strings that have been deactivated in the GUI when initially strumming a subsequent chord due to that deactivated string being active in a previous chord ( I hope that's not as confusing as it seems). Another improvement would be to allow pattern articulations (mutes, bends, stops. etc)-along with any newly sampled articulations (slides, pops, resonant strings, slaps, etc)-and velocity customization to be selected and adjusted per strings and chord in the Animation menu. Also, more chord types for pattern mode would be fantastic, but the current chord editor is sufficient. I hope we have NOT heard the last from Sugar Bytes on this decade old treasure that I've only recently discovered and fallen madly in love with.
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